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Updated on Aug 31, 2020. Posted on Oct 1, 2015

27 Historical Women Who DGAF About Breastfeeding In Public

So, like, does this mean that "nursing corsets" were a thing?

1. This suited-up Victorian mama.

Harvard Library

2. This mother sharing her tea break with her tot.

3. This French mom rocking her own postcard.

4. This incredibly coiffed Tibetan mama.

Ernst Krauss

5. This mama, who freed the nipple before Instagram was ever invented.

6. This stunning madonna and child.

Kate Hansen

7. This doting mama, circa 1948.

8. This roaring 20s mama.

9. This early 20th century mother with a fierce frock.

Mary Cassat

10. This mother, nurturing life in the face of war.


And on a postage stamp, no less.

11. This mother and child taking a casual lunch break.

Orin Crooker

12. This modest mom.

13. This master of the tandem feed.

Wellcome Library, London

14. Even line-drawn babies need to eat.

Francesco Bartolozzi

15. This WWII mama, having a peaceful moment with her babe.

LIFE / Via

16. This 1770s mother isn't worried about breastmilk stains.

Jean Laurent Mosnier

Not even on taffeta.

17. This iconic "Migrant Mother" who is able to feed her infant no matter what.

Dorothea Lange

18. This elegant 19th century pair.

19. This royal mama, who didn't let a family portrait sitting get in the way of feeding her youngest.

20. This mom-in-transit, nursing at a bus stop in 1943.

21. This mother who quietly nursed her babe in church.

22. This mother, feeding her babe while NO ONE CARES.

23. This 1970s Sesame Street-er, who wasn't embarrassed by a curious Big Bird.


24. This multitasking mama working her farm in 1913.

Unknown photographer

25. This Georgian mama pioneering the side-lie.

D.A. Nikitin

26. This glamorous duo.

27. This mama who might be slightly overwhelmed.

Bernardo Strozzi

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