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    21 Truths About Trying To Get Pregnant

    Two words: egg whites.

    1. After years of trying to *not* get pregnant, this is going to take a little bit of getting used to.

    2. A friend will tell you they're pregnant and you'll burst into tears.

    3. You don't even have to think about it when asked for the date of your last period.

    4. If you didn't know what your cervix felt like before, you will now!

    5. You will become unreasonably excited by the ability to stretch your cervical mucus between your thumb and forefinger.

    6. In fact, your cervical mucus will become a constant topic of conversation between you, your spouse, and strangers on the internet.

    7. During peak fertility, you'll have sex in a closet.

    8. You'll probably also have sex in a friend's bathroom.

    9. You'll get super pissed at your partner if they spill the baby batter without you.

    10. You will text your best friend to celebrate the fact that your temperature spiked.

    11. You might rather scrub the toilet than do the deed, but if you're ovulating you take one for the team.

    12. You will prop your ass up on a pillow after sex even though you know it doesn't help even a little.

    13. You may be spun into a rage if a business trip is scheduled during your fertility window.

    14. Once that two-week wait begins, the suspense is almost too much to bear.

    15. EVERYTHING will make you think you're pregnant.

    16. If you didn't hate getting your period before, you're sure AF gonna hate it now!

    17. Having to buy a box of tampons is likely to make you cry.

    18. You will start taking pictures of things you've peed on.

    19. Actually, peeing on things is basically your new pastime.

    20. When that ovulation pee stick comes up positive, you'll spend all day plotting ways to up your chances of conception.

    21. You can't help but think, every time you do the deed, We could be making a baby.