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21 Truths About Trying To Get Pregnant

Two words: egg whites.

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1. After years of trying to *not* get pregnant, this is going to take a little bit of getting used to.


You feel totally betrayed that it can actually be kind of complicated to make it happen on purpose.


5. You will become unreasonably excited by the ability to stretch your cervical mucus between your thumb and forefinger.

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Yes, I know that's revolting if you're not TTC. And if you don't know what TTC stands for, then why are you reading this post?


14. Once that two-week wait begins, the suspense is almost too much to bear.


"Honey! My Apple Watch says my heart rate is up! What do you think that means?!"

(JK no one has an Apple Watch.)

15. EVERYTHING will make you think you're pregnant.

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Boobs sore? PREGNANT.

Out of breath? PREGNANT.

Heartburn that's clearly from eating a Sriracha and onion sandwich? PREGNANT.

19. Actually, peeing on things is basically your new pastime.


Want to know if you're ovulating? POAS. Period late? POAS. Period not yet late but you can't take the suspense? POAS, dammit.

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