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    29 Frightfully Genius Ideas For The Spookiest Slumber Party Ever

    Because who really sleeps at a "sleepover" any way?

    Morgan Shanahan/BuzzFeed

    1. Set up your own spooky bowling alley.

    2. Hide spooky peepers just outside the windows or in planters around your house.

    3. Help guests get into the spirit with these DIY masks!

    Make them as creepy (or cute) as you want. Find out how at Krokotak.

    4. Don't forget to get your Ouija on.

    Patrick Keller / Flickr: 116155785@N06 / Via Creative Commons

    Try not to conjure up anything that you don't know how to banish.

    5. Get creative with Halloween charades.

    Make your own, or get a printable HERE.

    6. Teach everyone the Thriller dance and start your own flash mob.

    Epic Records

    Watch this video tutorial to learn the steps!

    7. Have a mummy wrapping contest!

    8. Paint some barbies for ghoulish decor.

    So creepy. Made by Girl has the tutorial.

    9. Or DIY these cheesecloth ghosts.

    10. Serve up some "eerie eyeballs."

    These marshmallow gelatin treats are absolutely to die for. Find the recipe at Britta Blvd.

    11. These cinnamon sugar tortilla crisps are crazy-easy to make.

    Find out how HERE.

    12. Whip up some monster munch!

    Late Night and Lattes has the recipe for this crowd pleaser.

    13. "Witch finger" pretzels make for a thrilling snack.

    G and C Johnson have the recipe and tutorial. (Check out their mummy pretzels too!)

    14. Use a pumpkin to keep beverages cold.

    15. Make these boo-tiful cheeseburgers.

    16. Freak everyone out by carving up a watermelon brain.

    17. Or thrill everyone when you serve up this delightful dessert.

    Candy Corn Cheesecake FTW. (Recipe HERE.)

    18. Spook 'em with these creepy crawly ice cubes.

    19. Or go even bigger with this frozen hand.

    Use a latex glove as a mold. Instructions HERE.

    20. Cover every surface with faux spider webs and tattered cloths.

    Get yours HERE.

    21. These DIY spider eggs will give anyone the willies.

    Learn how HERE.

    22. Scare the poop out of your guests.

    Sorry, I had to.

    23. Take your pumpkin carving to the next level with teeth.

    This activity can double as a creepy party favor.

    24. Send guests home with candy hands.

    25. Or craft your favors into crowns.

    Get the tutorial HERE.

    26. Mix up your own glow-in-the-dark bubbles.

    Find out how at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

    27. Keep some homemade monster-spray handy for the scaredy cats.

    28. Let them sleep in a spooky fort.

    Sheets, lights, and branches, OH MY!

    29. And of course, you can't send your guests home without a belly full of pumpkin pancakes and black syrup.

    Get the recipe HERE.

    Happy Halloween!

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