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Ryan Reynolds Is At Peak Dad In This Salma Hayek Instagram

I need more friends like this.

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You know Salma Hayek.

International film star, authentic on Instagram, unbelievably 50?

And of course you know Ryan Reynolds, Dad AF.

Oh, hai greatest fan art I've ever seen. A tip of the hat to you, Ronald McDonkey.

Well not only are the two currently starring together in The Hitman's Bodyguard, but *GASP!* they seem to actually like hanging out together too.

That's an Instagram Hayek posted with the caption: "When your friends invite you for dinner and you end up doing all the work." (Like a pro, I might add, look at that stellar baby-on-hip form.)


I'm more of the Ryan Reynolds in this situation. Chilling in the background, happy someone else is holding my baby for a minute, wondering what you're making me for dinner.

And there's one more thing we need to discuss. Probably the most delicious thing in this entire picture (although I am here for the copper appliances and cookware, Reynolds/Lively household)...