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31 Bottle Feeding Babies Who Will Take Your Breath Away


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Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. This sweet girl and her doting father.

Fiorigianluigi / Getty Images

2. This lucky little sibling.

Celeste Perilla

3. This brand new bundle.

Ihuan / Getty Images

4. This precious preemie.

Danielle Christopher

5. This satiated little one.

Michelle Murray
Michelle Murray

6. This baby/daddy duo.

Mary Sward

7. This giggling guy.

8. This adored little one.

Rachel Donahue / Getty Images

9. This hungry babe.

Alle12 / Getty Images

10. This wide-eyed boy.

Kimberly Hudzina

11. This daydreaming little lady.

Nana B Agyei / Via Flickr: nanagyei

12. This chill little girl.

Dan Harrelson

13. This newly acquainted pair.

14. This snuggly little nugget.

Usgirl / Getty Images

15. This sun-bathing beauty.

Design Pics / Getty Images

16. Grandpa's little buddy.

Cindy Funk / Via Flickr: cindyfunk

17. This well-loved little brother.

André Mouraux / Via Flickr: spigoo

18. This starry-eyed bundle.

Josh Reed

19. This guy.

Melvindyson / Getty Images

20. This pretty-in-pink sweetheart.

Steve Mason / Getty Images

21. This satiated little one.

sean dreilinger / Via Flickr: seandreilinger

22. This goo-goo-eyed cutie.

Photodisc / Getty Images

23. This beloved little guy.

sean dreilinger / Via Flickr: seandreilinger

24. This strong little NICU resident.

Sarah Hopkins / Via Flickr: 29732248@N04

25. This sweet guy.

Quinn Dombrowski / Via Flickr: quinnanya

26. This bow-loving girl.

Jaime Ball Kurman / Via Facebook: blessed.beaver

27. This guy with his doting big brother.

Ben McLeod / Via Flickr: benmcleod

28. This joyful guy.

Dragonimages / Getty Images

29. This eye-contact loving little.

30. This traveler to dreamland.

Britt-knee / Via Flickr: lsuchick142

31. 'Ol Blue Eyes.

pfly / Via Flickr: pfly

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