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38 Perfect Post-Baby Bodies


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January Harshe is a mother of six and founder of

Earlier this year just before the birth of her youngest child, the Texas mom noticed that the Instagram hashtag #postpartum was overrun with weight loss ads and miracle cures for stretch marks. That didn't sit well with Harshe.

At the time, she wrote on her website:

"Anytime mothers hashtag their beautiful photos of themselves, their babies, their motherhood lives, even their pregnancies, births, healthy food and exercise pics…they are harassed. People comment or message them telling them if they want to actually look good then [these people] can 'help' with their product.

Just no.

Getting healthier and fit is awesome! Moms comes in all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. We are all on our own journey and progressing and working through our crazy, tired, postpartum, motherhood lives the best we can at any given time. This is not about comparing. This is about becoming united."

And with that the blogger launched the @takebackpostpartum Instagram account and hashtag.

1. "Love your postpartum bodies, mamas. Feel empowered with those stripes you've earned..." - @ethereal_mama

Nearly ten thousand images have been posted to the #takebackpostpartum hashtag since its inception twelve weeks ago, and the results have been stunning.

2. "
This belly has not only brought such joy & happiness to my world, but also to others through surrogacy." - @with__lovex

3. "This is me..take it or leave it..either way I'm going to love myself!" - @alyas_mommy

4. "This was her home, this is where she grew till she was ready to join us Earthside. Some people might think that a body has been ruined but I think my body has now been decorated with a symbol of motherhood." - @deborahpurr

5. "Motherhood, you have made me grow in ways I never thought possible." - @imjustkat

6. "Loving your body only when it's 'in-shape' and to your 'photograph worthy' standards is like loving your children ONLY when they are well behaved." - @bearthkeeper

7. "Life hands us this beautiful body, with talent, natural abilities, difference, and these bodies meant to change...yet we find ways to condemn them, to compare them, to alter them." - @the.prairiehippie

8. "I feel sweat pants....with scars and incisions on my belly from THREE surgeries in one. It. Was. Worth. It. All." - @kellibrownlee2

9. "Motherhood has placed me in a new realm...a hard but beautiful realm that is not without sacrifice." - @cordmamas

10. "This is my bikini body, my one piece body, my i'll wear whatever i want and not hide what i am so proud to have done {body}" - @city_of_hearts

11. "I'm proud of my marks because this body carried, nourished and safely delivered a beautiful child" - @ohsadiemcduti

12. " I didn't 'get' stretch marks during my pregnancy, I earned them." - @iredale

13. "I'm not 'stuck with this body'. I freakin' earned it." - @emilyfaywerk

14. "Truths of motherhood. #leaking" - @ahopefullmelnick

15. "My sweet baby girl was worth every sleepless night, every moody outbreak, every scar and all the pain." - @girlbossbree

16. "If you look at this like I do and see the beauty in it, then turn that view on you and see the beauty in yourself as well!" - @takebackpostpartum

17. "A mama's #postpartum bump and the child's hand who once lived there." - @ohaiiitskelsey

18. "Everyday is love your body day." - @jessbigley

19. "I never truly imagined what a challenge it would be to have two kids under two, but man they bring just so much joy into my life that I wouldn't have it any other way." - @lepetitzeyd

21. " We are women. We are a mothers. We are beautiful not despite having given birth, but because of it." - @nicoleche

22. "Trying to love this mommy belly." - @keyeluh

23. "Thank you previous home for taking care of me." - @takebackpostpartum

25. "These stripes mean I carried life inside of me. I'm not ashamed." - @tashkellbelle

27. "Although my body has changed drastically, I'm proud of what it's accomplished and the marks I have left as proof of my continuous journey! Life is good." - @baby_misha_

28. "I am 19 years old and, I did not expect to look like this after pregnancy. But then I thought about, what the hell should I be ashamed of? After all these are the signs the most amazing, loving and empowering time of my life." - necessarytwang

30. "Got ready for bikini season by putting on a bikini." - @lizzc3po

31. "My body gave life, my body is strong and my body is beautiful. My body is not flawed or ruined it is now that of a woman." - @emmathedoula

32. "For the first time in my life, I LOVE my body. It reminds me how amazing a woman's body is. It reminds me that I created life." - @breeannbree

33. "My tigress stripes were brought to me by the biggest blessing I have ever received, my daughter Zoey." - @christie_lazo

34. "...I felt devastated, embarrassed, ashamed and guilty that I had a caesarean - let me tell you, this major surgery is not the easy way out, it was so so scary. But my wound has healed over time..." - @stasiaandjuno

35. "I've got thick skin, and an elastic heart." - @ezada13

37. "I shouldn't have to feel "brave" to show my body. I need to finally let go of those lies and insecurities and be proud and confident in the body God has blessed me with." - @kaeti_d

38. "This body I live in, the body that I was given, that surrounds me, that supports me...this body MADE life." - @molcakes

"We need support not shaming. That's what @takebackpostpartum is about at the core," Harshe explained to BuzzFeed Life. "I hope women feel heard, supported, and loved. I hope they can think, "If she is accepting who she is, why can't I?'

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