The Top 10 Most Annoying Visitors After You Give Birth, Ranked

    "Oh, good, you just got home from the hospital. We'll come on by!"

    10. Any visitor you can't yell at, or spontaneously cry in front of, or kick out.

    9. The visitor who just keeps texting you to "let me know what you need!"

    8. The visitor who wants to watch you eat the food they generously brought you.

    7. The visitor who can't stop giving you advice on everything from when your milk comes in to kegels.

    6. The visitor who demands to know why you took two days to call them back.

    5. The visitor who thinks that holding the baby so you can get stuff done is "helping."

    4. Fine, I'll say it: Grandparents who take any resistance to their old school baby care practices personally.

    3. The visitor who is waiting when you get home. Y'know, to help.

    2. The visitor who knows better than your doctor.

    1. And finally, some people are going to be offended but it needs to be said. The #1 most are the visitors that insist on visiting immediately after you give birth.