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Melania Trump Wore A $1380 Shirt While Gardening And, Idk, People Seem To Care

"don't @ me. i am the messenger."

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Here is Melania Trump's shirt. It (kinda?) needs its own introduction.

You know Balmain. The Kardashians love it. I mean, you've never seen it in real life, but like, you've heard of it, right?

As Redbook noted: "The fashion forward First Lady chose a $1,380 tartan Balmain top, paired with dark skinny jeans, matching red gloves and low top Converse for today's gardening adventure."

CNN's Kate Bennett broke the news on Twitter, prompting an avalanche of "she's out of touch" vs. "No1Curr" tweets.

so it appears @FLOTUS wore this $1,380 @Balmain plaid shirt to today's garden event. (don't @ me. i am the messenge…


More outlets started to cover it, because, the internet.

@USATODAY I question the morals and wisdom of someone who spends $1K+ on a gardening shirt that looks like somethin…

People got salty.

@redbookmag and? what is permissible for her to wear? what do you wear, Wal-Mart?

And then...idk. Michelle Obama was brought into it?

@KateBennett_DC @FLOTUS @Balmain We're you this outraged when Michelle slopped around in that garden wearing $1150…