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    Melania Trump Wore A $1380 Shirt While Gardening And, Idk, People Seem To Care

    "don't @ me. i am the messenger."

    Greetings. Melania Trump hosted her first event Friday in the White House Kitchen Garden with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

    Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

    Above, the first lady carries a large basket and walks near dirt.

    Here is Melania Trump's shirt. It (kinda?) needs its own introduction.

    You know Balmain. The Kardashians love it. I mean, you've never seen it in real life, but like, you've heard of it, right?

    As Redbook noted: "The fashion forward First Lady chose a $1,380 tartan Balmain top, paired with dark skinny jeans, matching red gloves and low top Converse for today's gardening adventure."

    BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA. Oh I said that already? Cool. Cool. Just making sure. Back to Melania Trump's shirt, because that's what y'all clicked on.

    Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

    CNN's Kate Bennett broke the news on Twitter, prompting an avalanche of "she's out of touch" vs. "No1Curr" tweets.

    so it appears @FLOTUS wore this $1,380 @Balmain plaid shirt to today's garden event. (don't @ me. i am the messenge…

    More outlets started to cover it, because, the internet.

    @USATODAY I question the morals and wisdom of someone who spends $1K+ on a gardening shirt that looks like somethin…

    People got salty.

    @redbookmag and? what is permissible for her to wear? what do you wear, Wal-Mart?

    And then...idk. Michelle Obama was brought into it?

    @KateBennett_DC @FLOTUS @Balmain We're you this outraged when Michelle slopped around in that garden wearing $1150…



    Win Mcnamee / Getty Images



    In conclusion, Boys And Girls Clubs Of America.

    Thank you.

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