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17 Actually Practical Makeup Tips For New Moms

Get ready to get resourceful.

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1. Keep a pair of tweezers in the car so you can groom your eyebrows while your baby naps (and you're stuck sitting in the driveway with the engine running).

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Actually, keep a whole makeup kit in there. Waiting for your kid to wake up + natural light is the best primping opportunity you'll have for years.


5. Washing your face before bed is for child-free people. You're going to want to invest in some good facial wipes.

Fine, roll your eyes, but you'll thank me when those eyes aren't gucked shut with mascara residue because you were too tired to shower.


13. Eyelash extensions are the best thing that ever happened to you.

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You wake up? Your eyes look like this. You cry for an hour? Your eyes look like this. Your baby barfs in your mouth? Your eyes still look like this.

15. Looking for something more permanent?

Try permanent makeup. I know it sounds high maintenance, but the end result is NEVER DOING YOUR MAKEUP AGAIN. (Or, at least for a few years. Technically it's "semi-permanent.")