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Madonna Shared Her First-Ever Family Photo And Beauty Was Instantly Redefined


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You know Madonna. The undisputed Queen of pop?

No one is disputing that, right? Speak now or forever hold your peace? Comments don't count? OK good.

Well, the BAB (bad-ass-bitch, make it happen) to end all BABs celebrated her 59th birthday surrounded by her babies in corseted Madge style.

Undisputed queen of boobie armor, tbh.

The mom-of-six turned 59 for the very first time surrounded by her Dolce and Gabbana clad children, from 4-year-old twins Estere and Stella, to oldest daughter Lourdes, 20.


"NBD. Just me and my sis slaying in our D&G at this super casual gypsy-themed two-day party in Lecce, Italy...

Instagram: @madonna

"Oh, and Madonna is our mom." - The Twins, Probably.

The whole crew: Rocco, David Banda, Mommadonna, Mercy James, Lourdes, Estere and Stella.

Instagram: @madonna

Happy Birthday Madge! Your family is beautiful!

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