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18 Kids Who Definitely Have No Idea What Their Costume Means

Trolling is fun for parents, too.

1. Have never cooked anything in their lives.

2. Does not love the ultra violence.

3. Definitely not Up In Smoke.

4. Thinks that's a lollipop.

5. Do not think life is like a box of chocolates.

6. Just wants candy.

7. Thinks he's dressed as an angry pizza.

8. Have never heard of cable access.

9. Is wearing plasticware.

10. Is not old enough to vote for Pedro.

11. Has not been online chatting with babes all day.

12. Does not read Vogue.

13. Has never kissed the sky.

14. Is not so serious.

15. Can't have caffeine.

16. Does not understand how much money $3,000 is.

17. Isn't aware tongues can do that.

18. Is not ribbed for pleasure.

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