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How To Create A Quick And Easy Photo Booth For Awesome Family Photos

Just add a family!

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But the most important part of excellent photo booth pictures is the lighting.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Angle two lights at the backdrop (as in the above diagram), placing your camera in the center. If you've got a flash on your camera, go ahead and turn that on too. If you don't have photo lights (which you can grab HERE or HERE), run-of-the-mill work lights from any hardware store (like THESE) will do the job just fine.

What you'll need to build a photo booth:

• Backdrop (wrapping paper? cloth? a sheet? tinsel?!)

• Two light sources (to eliminate each other's shadows and give you that smooth, flawless photo booth look)

• A camera (even a well-equipped smartphone can work surprisingly well if the lighting is right)

• A remote for said camera, and/or person(s) to man the camera

• Props if you please (you can make your own, like THESE!)

• Family, friends, and fun!