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How To Create A Quick And Easy Photo Booth For Awesome Family Photos

Just add a family!

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But the most important part of excellent photo booth pictures is the lighting.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Angle two lights at the backdrop (as in the above diagram), placing your camera in the center. If you've got a flash on your camera, go ahead and turn that on too. If you don't have photo lights (which you can grab HERE or HERE), run-of-the-mill work lights from any hardware store (like THESE) will do the job just fine.

(If your work lights are too harsh, you can try diffusing them with wax paper, which is able to tolerate high temperatures. If you do use diffusion, use caution, and don't blame me if anything catches on fire.)

What you'll need to build a photo booth:

• Backdrop (wrapping paper? cloth? a sheet? tinsel?!)

• Two light sources (to eliminate each other's shadows and give you that smooth, flawless photo booth look)

• A camera (even a well-equipped smartphone can work surprisingly well if the lighting is right)

• A remote for said camera, and/or person(s) to man the camera

• Props if you please (you can make your own, like THESE!)

• Family, friends, and fun!


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