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17 Struggles All Modern Moms Know

There's an app for that. Probably.

1. You give your kid the iPad because you need a moment.

2. You've probably googled your kid's symptoms and been sure it's meningitis.

3. You've definitely let your kid spend 20 minutes on Snapchat terrifying themselves so you could shower.

4. All of your treasured photos are on hard drives in your closet.

5. You'll only attempt a recipe if there's a corresponding Facebook video.


6. You also probably let YouTube teach your kids more than you should.

7. Your kids keep stealing your phone chargers.

8. You spend an inordinate amount of time trying to prevent your 4-year-old from sounding like a Disney Channel character.

9. You try not to appear too proud when your kid has a great comeback.

10. Sometimes you get the urge to cyber bully the elementary school cyber bully.

11. You feel like your ONE JOB is to teach your kid not to send nudes.

12. Your kid wants to know why they have the oldest phone in the house.

13. Once you went to Target and they were out of apple sauce pouches so you bought the jar but never opened it because....what?

14. Everyone in your family is over-scheduled.

15. You know the horror of your kid going through your Instagram feed and hearting all of your own photos.

16. You keep a secret stash of princess gummies on the top shelf...just for you.

17. You only sext using emojis so your kids aren't permanently scarred.

At least for the time being. You're putting away money for their inevitable therapy later.

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