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31 Families That Totally Nailed Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

Family bonding at its finest.

1. This stylist mama taught her daughter the secret to a great shampoo.

2. This little lady was most excited about eating sushi in her daddy's cafeteria.

3. This tattoo artist dad took his sons to work and gave them some hands-on experience.

4. This girl spent a day in the world of bank recruiting with her mama.

5. This kiddo helped her mom out at Nine West headquarters for the day.

6. These girls took over their dad's conference call.

7. Not quite old enough for her ride-along, but she got to wear her dad's cool hat!

8. This tiny designer helped out on custom banners.

9. This entrepreneur mama showed her girl how it's done.

10. This teen explored the chiropractic life.

11. This smiling girl helped her mom out at Whole Foods.

12. U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers showed two honorary daughters the ropes in Congress.

13. While this little girl explored her adventurous side working with her mama at REI.

14. This mama got to share the day with both of her kids!

15. What's better than spending a day as mom's gallery assistant?

16. This little one didn't shirk responsibility — she filed with the best of them.

17. This daddy-daughter duo look like they really enjoyed their day together.

18. This daughter of a congressional staffer got to follow dad to committee meetings and talk Medicare.

19. This girl explored the world of book publishing with her aunt.

20. This natural chef spent a day with her mom creating content in a food mag's test kitchen.

21. This little lady got to witness her mama's work ethic.

22. This tot did some merchandising at Kate Spade.

23. This future media personality took her mom's place in front of the green screen.

24. These ladies learned everything that goes into wedding planning — including doing the budget!

25. These two joked around on their commute home.

26. This little guy got to experience the perks of mom's job on a studio lot firsthand!

27. These kids spent a day in dad's firehouse.

28. This little girl took over the whole company.

29. This little girl was treated to a day of cool activities at mom's Wayne State University office.

30. These kiddos got to see their military dad in action.

31. "...At the end of the day she said 'mom I love your job'"

Family rules!!!