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    This Mouse Marionette Dancing To "Despacito" Will Take You To A Better Place

    Pinocchio better watch his back, though.

    On Wednesday, a Twitter user named Amanda Camarata tweeted this video of a marionette getting DOWN to Luis Fonzi's "Despacito" ft. Daddy Yankee.

    This went from “wow that’s pretty neat” to “WTF ITS ALIVE” real quick

    On Saturday, I – Morgan – saw the tweet and felt unbridled joy as if the clouds had parted, leaving me in a ray of perfect sunshine.

    I'm sorry....what?

    Am I having a nightmare? A dream? Am I being lured in by a Siren song?

    Honestly, you know what? I'm so happy to have had my eyes blessed by it, I'm not going to ask questions.

    @edaross @Frankly_Tankly @svnrises @AmandaCamaratoo This is an underrated response oh my god


    You deserve it.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to @nerinapeppe for every available detail about this wizardry.