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    Corgis Are Cancelled And Basset Hounds Have Taken Their Place

    Don't @ me.

    1. Like, what are people even into about corgis? Is it that they have short legs?

    2. Oh, because, um....HI, exhibit B:

    3. Oh, oh...corgis are really cute as puppies, I guess?

    4. Well, basset hound puppies step on their ears when they walk. Did you EVEN know that?

    5. What do corgis do? Trot around behind the Queen?

    6. I’d rather watch this adorable idiot trot around.

    7. Oh, corgis look ridiculous when they run?

    8. K.

    9. Plus, can corgis cover their eyes with their own ears when they sleep?

    10. Aw...bummer. They can't. But bassets can.

    11. Well, I guess that settles that, then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Let us now commence admiring the glorious basset.

    I mean, but seriously though.

    Heavens to Betsy.

    How could anything be that floppy?

    Can you even?

    Nope. No evens to can.