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    21 Confessions From Parents Of Teenagers

    Courtesy of Whisper.

    1. They wonder where they went wrong...

    2. They're trolling you.

    3. They still think you're precious when you sleep.

    (Strange picture choice, Whisper.)

    4. Sometimes they'd rather be the "friend" than the "parent" too.

    5. They realize that "growing up" is a myth.

    6. They want to throw in the towel.!%20She%20looks%20at%20me%20like%20I%26%2339%3Bm%20an%20idiot%20and%20lives%20in%20her%2

    7. They take pride in passing down something they love.!

    8. They don't know what to do.

    9. They can be snarky.

    10. They continue to slog through the age-old struggle.

    11. They have feelings, too.!%20!

    12. They marvel at their own mortality.

    13. They have tough realizations.

    14. They get frustrated.

    15. They fear goths.

    16. They live in the bittersweet in between.

    17. They still know more than you.

    18. They get cannibalistic urges.

    19. They just can't.

    20. They don't like you, either.

    21. They love you.

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