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49 Clever Storage Solutions For Living With Kids

Spoiler alert: Kids have a lot of stuff.

1. Create a library wall.

2. Use tote bags in place of toy bins.

3. Repurpose plant baskets as storage.

4. Make cute storage drawers.

5. Go au natural.

6. Make toys do double duty as decor.

7. Add visual aides to help pre-readers stay organized.

8. Play zookeeper.

9. Turn your games in to colorful artwork.

10. Give everyone their own station.

11. Hang buckets on a rod.

The easier it is for your kiddos to put things away by themselves, the more likely it is to happen.

12. Create a mini-wardrobe.

13. ...Or display colorful costumes as art.

14. Turn just about anything into a library.

15. Use food storage containers to separate craft supplies.

16. Opt for themed storage to blend in with the space.

17. Produce a sports center of your very own.

18. Get your whole week organized.

19. DIY these storage bags in whatever size you need them.

20. Make your own hidden storage bags.

21. Organize their car collections.

22. Build colorful bookshelves to suit your needs.

23. Create a coordinated storage ottoman.

Check out instructions for a wine crate variety here.

24. Keep magnetic toys in place.

25. Use a teepee for private play space when there is none.

26. Get hip to squares.

27. Turn old tires into creative storage.

28. Build this DIY stuffed animal swing.

29. Mix and match storage bins for an eclectic look.

30. Upcycle your tool storage for an industrial vibe.

31. Make a toy car garage out of toilet paper tubes.

32. Build this brilliant bucket pyramid.

33. Rethink shoe storage.

34. Make your own labels.

35. Turn a bar cart into a craft station.

36. Use a fruit basket as a toy caddie.

37. Ditch the bulky easel and hang paper on the wall.

38. ...Or create an art corner.

39. Make a "motherboard" to track school paperwork.

40. Establish buckets to help collect runaway toys.

41. Take your kid's LEGO obsession to the next level.

42. Utilize the space under the stairs.

43. Get a double-duty play mat.

44. DIY an accessories organizer.

45. Use vintage suitcases for underbed storage.

46. Blend your storage with your style.

47. Make whimsical jars.

48. Forego notepads and write on the walls.

49. ...And if all else fails, remember:

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