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Here's Why Kristen Bell Is Actually A Terrible Person

How dare she.

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2. She is in no way relatable.

"Oh, his name is 'URINE'. That's a perfect name for him."- @daxshepard1


7. Oh, speaking of Irma, who does Kristen think she is just showing up at random shelters to perform songs from Frozen. #FlashInThePan

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It's not like those kids (and families) will remember it for the rest of their lives or anything.

8. So what if she has been spending all of her time while stranded in the hurricane bringing joy to others.

@kristenanniebell / Instagram / Via Instagram: @kristenanniebell

Oooooh, she called bingo. Look at her all generously caring. I bet she spiked all the Anna drinks with...I dunno. Something bad.


Stop being awesome, Bell. STOP IT.

@kristenanniebell / Instagram / Via Instagram: @kristenanniebell