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31 Ass-Kicking Roller Derby Moms

This is how these mamas roll...and jam and block. Just ask Shanaconda or Elizabitch Taylor.

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1. Jasmine Banks, aka Boombox

Team: Northwest Arkansas Natural Disasters

Mom of : 3

Day job: Therapist

Mama says: "Roller derby and motherhood are both full-contact sports that require drive and the willingness to never give up. I've learned that what appear as limits or obstacles can be overcome."

2. Tonya Freshour aka Boo T-Rex

Team: Terrorz of Tiny Towns

Mom of: 2

Day Job: Former Marine

Mama says: "I am calmer when dealing with my children because I have an outlet. Derby gives me a reason to try to stay in shape and more energy to spend on my kids."

3. LaKendra White aka Bam Bam Block-Her

Team: West Texas Roller Dollz

Mom of: 2

Day job: Restaurant manager

Mama says: "Derby has given me the confidence to be the real me. Without it I wouldn't have been able to come out to my family this past year. The Roller Derby community is the most accepting of all races and lifestyles of any sport I've ever played."

4. Jenni Johnston aka Bockscar Bambi

Jenni Johnston

Team: Cen-Tex Rollergirls

Mom of: 8 via birth, adoption, and fostering

Day job: Mom, orphan advocate, homeschooler

Mama Says: "For me, roller derby was a godsend. I was a bomb tech in the Air Force before I had my daughter. I struggled with being 'just' a military spouse and a stay-at-home-mom. I was bored. After I had my second biological child, we started the adoption process for my middle son. By the time I started derby I had three very young children and had begun volunteering for a nonprofit that found families for special needs orphans. All of that weighed very heavily on me. Derby helped me deal with the stress of my life and surrounded me with great people. When we announced that we wanted to adopt a child with HIV (child no. 4), it was the roller derby community that gave us the most unwavering support."


5. Eleni Zarbalas Pantaridis aka Sparta-Kiss

Team: Dub City Derby Girls

Mom of: 3

Day Job: Attorney

Mama says: "In Derby, like in motherhood, you are a mentor, you love unconditionally, and you only want the best for your daughter. You hope she grows, excels, and would be sincerely thrilled if one day she becomes a better skater than you."

6. Aubree Keck aka Xcelerator

Team: Kansas City Roller Warriors

Mom of: 1

Day job: Newly minted SAHM

Mama says: "When I found derby I was in a new city, fresh out of a long-term relationship, and my heart was broken without a friend within 150 miles. I needed roller derby more than I could have ever known. Derby brought me out of my shell, gave me confidence and a life again! I just gave birth to my first child Dec. 19. I've been back skating since Feb. 2, six weeks postpartum. It's hard because it takes real time management. It's hard because it's time away from my family, but it's also wonderful, because it gives me an outlet and forces me to get back in shape!"

7. Corinne Hoard aka 12 Guage Pnut

Team: Madhouse Madams

Mom of: 4

Day job: Bartender

Mama says: "When I joined the team, getting along with other 'alpha' females was a hard thing for me to do, but now I have no problem learning from each and every one of them. Plus all of my children are proud of their mom and they love to tell their friends."

8. Rianna Vilaire aka Elizabitch Taylor

Team: AZ Derby Dames Runaway Brides

Mom of: 3

Day job: Stylist

Mama says: "Roller Derby for me has made a nice separation from just being known as a mother. I am still able to be a mom, and a bad ass...kinda like Batman."


9. Bailey Fitzpatrick aka Daisy Fever

Team: Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)

Mom of: 2

Day Job: Dog groomer

Mama says: "[Derby has made me] more active and social. Being apart of the roller derby community has helped me realize that there are so many wonderful people in the world. Plus, being a single mother of two little boys, I hope to show them how to live a healthy, active lifestyle."

10. Shannon Voges-Haupt aka Shanaconda

Team: Mississippi Brawl Stars

Mom of: 6

Day Job: SAHM and full-time student

Mama says: "I used to be so self-conscious as a mother, and in general. I would walk into my children's school functions full of Vera Bradley and Croc-clad women and feel like I was doing something wrong as a mother when they stared me down. Roller derby has changed the way I view myself, individually and as a mother. You find that you push yourself physically and emotionally to new limits. You do things you never thought you could accomplish, and that gives you an entirely new sense of self-confidence. So now, when I walk into a function and people stare...I just assume they're checking out my sweet derby butt. (Yeah, that's a real thing.)"

11. Sydney Greathouse aka Big Ugly / Via

Team: Cincinnati Rollergirls

Mom of: 1

Day job: Civil rights paralegal

Mama says: "I am a single mom so my daughter, Eva, (age 7) is with me at all practices, games, and events. I love that this sport has her around strong, confident women. It shows her we are strong, we are tough, we care for one another and will go to battle for one another. She is a strong, confident child and has a blast at practices with me."

12. Zee Kelly aka Zee

Team: Cen-Tex Rollergirls

Mom of: 6 via birth, marriage, and adoption

Day job: Roller Derby Coach!

Mama says: "When I started derby I had six kids living at home. Currently I have 1; all my other kiddos have since grown up and moved away. Derby gave me an escape to be me instead of "mom," even if just for a few hours a week."


13. Marie Bolen aka SugarPants

Team: Grand Raggidy Roller Girls

Mom of: 5

Day job: Paralegal/Court Clerk

Mama says: "I was always a fan of the 'fuck this shit' mentality, even moreso now."

14. Krystal Shea aka The Vixenator

Team: Wild Wood Rollers

Mom of: 2

Day job: Fashion Photographer

Mama says: "This is a sport where having a big 'ol booty helps! Sign me up! A group of players started a babysitting group so we always have someone to watch our kiddos while practice is going on, and my kids love watching mommy. "

15. Destinee Winslow aka Cuntree Jam

Team: River City Roller Girls and VA All Stars

Mom of: 3

Day job: Contractor supporting cybersecurity

Mama says: "Roller Derby teaches you that any hit you take in life just makes you stronger and prepared for the next. If you remain vigilant and believe in yourself you will succeed. It teaches you how to work with others, how to trust others' abilities, and how to utilize other peoples' skills to advance and grow. It shows you that what while you do have weaknesses, you have so many strengths and that where your weaknesses lie, others are strong. Through teamwork and combining skills you will be unstoppable."

16. Bernice Alcazar aka Devotchka Rose

Team: San Fernando Valley Roller Derby Balboa Bandits

Mom of : 1

Day job: Call center operator, mother, and student

Mama says: “I go to school full time, I work full time, and I have a toddler. Derby is getting hard to manage but it's something I can never put aside — I have to go even if it's once a month during exams. This is a sport you really fall in love with and invest all the time you can. It's really taught me take to tackle life's challenges like I do on the track. And if I get knocked out during the process then as they say, 'Hustle back to the track and get through that pack!'"


17. Tina Blundetto aka Yoshi ground pound

Team: Two Rivers Roller Derby

Mom of: 1

Day job: Heating and cooling

Mama says: "I was attacked outside of work. Derby helped me overcome my anger as well as find myself again. I became healthy enough to have my daughter with a pregnancy that had no issues."

18. Tanya Hill aka Pain Angel

Team: Kill Devil Derby Brigade

Mom of: 2

Day job: Insurance agency owner

Mama says:
"Roller derby has changed my outlook: Now I know there is something out there that is truly accepting of all. I never knew of anything that was so all-inclusive before derby."

19. Dallis Meyer aka Downtown Dallis

Team: Arch Rival Roller Girls

Mom of: 1

Day job: Nurse

Mama says: "Roller derby is empowering, especially in such a transitional time! Losing baby weight has been the most badass physical challenge while training! I love the power the women have on skates and how it transforms them into strong, beautiful human beings."

20. Kate Dooley aka T.Rex Ya Face

Team: Dominion Derby Girls All Stars

Mom of : 2

Day job: Part-time Tattoo Parlor Worker and SAHM

Mama says: "Roller Derby changed everything about me. [Having spent] almost a decade in the sport, including the majority of my twenties, there's no way it couldn't have. It's helped me be more understanding, confident, and aware of my body and how to make it the healthiest for myself but also my children."


21. Lisa DiRusso aka ️Diesel

Team: Rogue Rollergirls

Mom of: 1

Day job: Military contractor

Mama says: "There are 36 kids under 16 years old with moms in our league; it seems to be a mom-friendly sport! We are all supportive and helpful to one another. if I I didn't have derby, I wouldn't have anyone to share athleticism and motherhood with."

22. Lisa Dilley aka Queen Elisabash

Team: South Shore Roller Girls

Mom of: 1

Day job: Retired salon owner

Mama says:
"My daughter is 20 and skated with us for a year. It was something we loved doing and could do together."

23. Laurel Hautala aka Madam McBomb

Team: Kansas City Roller Warriors

Mom of: 1

Day job: Security director at nuclear weapon parts manufacturing facility

Mama says: "Marriage, career, and motherhood had me muddling unhappily along doing what I was supposed to do and left me feeling like I'd lost myself. I was living a very vanilla life. Derby has broadened my circle of friends, and reintroduced me to living — actually living — again! Being on skates reminded me what it felt like to experience true unadulterated joy, even amid the struggle, and I wanted more! My goal is to skate until my now 11-year-old daughter is old enough to skate at least one season with me. I'll be 49."

24. Caitlyn Langner aka Dolly Voodoo

Team: Two Rivers Roller Derby

Mom of: 1

Day job: Sales team recruiter

Mama says: "My young daughter watches me and sees strength, hard work, and perseverance. She also gets to meet other strong women, who serve as the best role models imaginable!"


25. Roxanne Hanna aka Wreck It Roxy

Team: Wild Wood Rollers

Mom of: 3

Day job: Art teacher

Mama says: "My kids are my mini-fans! My daughter, who is 5, had her own little derby name and skates. When she gets hurt, I tell her, 'That's an awesome ouchey, just like a derby girl!', and she thinks she is cool."

26. Jasmin Hubbard aka Jas Hubbard

Jasmin Hubbard / Via

Team: The Cincinnati Rollergirls

Mom of: 1

Day job: Security officer

Mama says: "Roller derby has let me be myself. It has opened doors I never knew were there. I've made some life-long friendships through roller derby. Roller derby lit a fire inside that I have never felt. I cannot get enough of it."

27. Courtney Laur aka Rogue / Via

Team: Derby City Roller Girls

Mom of: 3

Day job: Medical assistant

Mama says: "Derby has changed the way I handle all situations. I'm more calm and happy. I'm more of a optimist and I never second-guess myself."

28. Amira Dutra e Mello aka Farrah Fracture

Team: Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby/Team Brasil

Mom of: 2

Day job: Montessori teacher

Mama says: "I grew up watching derby and had been a fan, going to bouts locally with my family on and off for years. After a devastating illness, I decided to train and try out! Chairty, fitness, and community are just a few things that I know and love now after being part of the world wide derby family."


29. Naomi James aka Vixen 2 Rock

Team: ICT Roller Girls

Mom of: 3

Day job: Geologist

Mama says: With two teenage daughters and a toddler, I feel like i'm constantly pushing myself, trying to make the older ones push themselves. By going to practice, I try to show them that things don't come easy and you have to work at it."

30. Traci Brewington aka Albee ChooUp

Team: Circle City Derby Girls

Mom of: 4

Day job: Data management

Mama says: "Derby has made me feel that I'm capable of doing things I would never have tried before. At 44, I'm doing things I wouldn't have ever attempted. Most recently I tried rock climbing and surfing."

31. Hannah Rose aka LunaChick

Team: Echo City Knockouts

Mom of: 1

Day job: Newspaper ad rep

Mama says: "I've been a wife. I've been a single mother. I've held my shit together when things fought their hardest to fall apart. I've smiled in public, I've cried beneath my sheets. I've been alone. I've fought. And now I am here.

"I can see why women of all shapes, sizes, and ages love this sport because all women of different ages, shapes, and sizes have a story — THEIR story. And they know, more than anyone, that they can walk into something with no experience or knowledge and little by little train their body, mind, and heart to learn something new. They become addicted to what's called 'challenge' because they've either lacked it, or it's all they've ever known. But it's a hunger, and they too want a little more. A little more growth. A little more competition. A little more challenge. A little more of life to live.

"Roller derby is not for everyone. But it truly is a special sport, inclusive to all who are seeking a little bit more of life to love. That is what drew me in and will keep me here for years to come."