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29 Next-Level Ice Cream Treats You Can Make At Home This Summer

I scream, you scream, we all scream because it's cold.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Make this two ingredient ice cream bread.

Find the recipe here.

2. Fry your ice cream and serve it in these homemade cinnamon sugar bowls.

Taste and Tell has the recipe.

3. Or try this no-fry rice krispies version of the Mexican dessert.

4. Make a perfect ice cream sandwich every time with this awesome trick.

5. This peanut butter and banana "ice cream" is gluten and dairy free.

6. Make this short-cut cake with ice cream sandwiches.

7. Dr. Pepper Passion is a Texas favorite.

Just add condensed milk and half and half to make this treat.

8. You can swap out the Dr. Pepper for the soda of your choice!

Blooming On Bainbridge recommends making it with Orange Crush.

9. This three ingredient bubblegum ice cream is what childhood memories are made of.

10. This no-bake strawberry ice box cake makes a great afternoon treat.

11. Make ice cream cubes to add to milk and floats.

12. Thrill your kiddos with Cookie Monster Ice Cream.

Oreos + cookie dough? Yes please. (Get the recipe!)

13. Get your cookie dough fix with these cookie dough ice cream sandwiches.

Recipe HERE. (Use vegan cookie dough to avoid consuming raw eggs.)

14. Or maybe you'd rather add some Fruity Pebbles to your ice cream cake.

Get the recipe via The Gunny Sack.

15. Brace your tastebuds for Ice Cream Cupcakes.

16. Gone blueberry picking? Turn the surplus into this decadent blueberry cream cheese ice cream.

17. Fan of Drumsticks? Deconstruct them into these incredible bars.

18. You can also make your own copycat choco tacos.

Get the recipe HERE.

19. Nutella ice cream? Don't mind if I do.

Crumb Blog has the recipe.

20. Want something richer? Try this Nutella crunch ice cream cake.

Get the recipe via A Family Feast.

21. This watermelon ice cream is guaranteed to refresh.

Dairy-free and low-calorie from Nutritionist in the Kitch.

22. If you're more of an ALL THE DAIRY AND CALORIES type, try these oreo brownie ice cream bars.

Try them for me because I died when I saw them and now I have no earthly body. (Recipe HERE.)

23. Make brownie cups.

Or cookie cups! Find out how HERE.

24. Take breakfast to the next level with a Belgian waffle ice cream sandwich

25. Get ready for this gluten-free vegan peanut butter banana goodness.

She Likes Food will show you how.

26. This red velvet ice cream will thrill your tastebuds.

27. Kiddos will flip over this ice cream s'mores cake.

28. Make these DIY edible sprinkle bowls.

29. Blow everyone's minds with these mint chip brownie bars.

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