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26 Pregnant Women Who Totally Slayed Halloween

Or costumes for people who want to shove pumpkins up their shirts.

1. This mummy-to-be.

Giovanna Poucel Photography / Via Facebook: Giovanna

2. This mama who let it all hang out.

3. This master of the art of scaring.

4. This straight shooter.

5. This boogie wonderland.

Alternately, you could wrap your belly in sequins.

6. Octomom.


7. This unicorn with a dark side.

8. This trusted companion.

For a simpler alternative, paint Wilson's face right on to your bump.

9. This human fishbowl.

10. This mom from a galaxy far, far away.

11. This doodle that can't be undid.

Grab a striped shirt and some Sunny-D for the perfect Juno.

12. This punny mama.

13. This mom who can predict the future.

Outlook for sleep not so good.

14. This perfect pearl.

15. This "Thing."

16. This mother who came in like a wrecking ball.

Like a glorious wrecking ball.

17. This pizza-loving mom.

Shannon Smit / Via

18. This mom who is giving trick-or-treaters a peek-a-boo.

19. This mom who is in full nesting mode.

(Get it? Nesting?)

20. This work of art who is growing a prize winner.

21. This spirited fan.

Traveling violation.

22. This emojinal mama.

23. This mother who is terrifying the young ones.

24. This mama who is giving Humpty Dumpty a safe place to rest.

Bonus points if you carry a boom box playing "The Humpty Dance" and get down.

25. This mom who unleashed her inner troll.

Just be prepared for belly rubs from everyone you meet.

26. And this mom who wasn't afraid to go for the gore.

Nightmare fuel, tbh.