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21 Wonderfully Geeky Ways To Create The Perfect Star Wars Nursery

Or kid's room. Or your room. #nojudgement

Morgan Shanahan / BuzzFeed

1. Welcome your young Padawan with imperial style.

Everything in baby Soren's nursery is pretty much perfect.

2. Accessorize wisely, you should.

3. Teach them where they come from.

Get it HERE.

4. Show them the path back to the light.

Make your own! Instructions via Sisters What.

5. Help them find their zen.

Shop HERE.

6. Sacrifice a wampa.

7. Or keep tiny toes cozy with a cruelty-free wookie rug.

8. Inspire a love of details.

Available HERE.

9. Keep time...

From HERE.

10. ...One way or another.

Available HERE.

11. Go geometric.

Plus many more available HERE.

12. Create something one-of-a-kind.

AT-AT Rocker by Epbot.

13. DIY your own light up Death Star wall art...

14. ...Or a Death Star globe.

15. Hunt down the perfect bedding.

Here's hoping Pottery Barn Kids restocks these quilted pillowcases.

16. Or have some custom made.

Order yours HERE.

17. Be subtle.

Available HERE.

18. Be bold.

Get it HERE.

19. Start them off with a great teacher.

Teacher...teether...whatever. Available HERE.

20. Build your own diorama with beloved toys.

21. Bring the outdoors in.

Any planet you like, really. (via)

Above all else, make sure they know they're loved.


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