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    19 Brilliant Parent-Invented Products To Make Your Life Easier

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Buzzy 4 Shots

    Dr. Amy Baxter knew she had to do something to relieve the pain associated with childhood blood draws and vaccinations as soon as she saw her newborn baby go through it for the first time. She found a drug-free way: Buzzy combines cold and vibration to naturally block the sting of a needle.

    2. Woombie

    Karen Barski had searched everywhere for a swaddle that her daughter couldn't get her arms out of, but nothing could contain her baby Houdini. She solved her own problem with the Woombie, a snug zip-up swaddle that's become popular with parents everywhere.

    3. Snooze Shade

    Cara Sayer was looking for a sunshade to cover her daughter's stroller that wouldn't fall off or get thrown to the ground like the coats and blankets the mom was accustomed to using. When Sayer realized that all of the products on the market were designed to let the sun in rather than block it out so baby could nap, the new mom took matters in to her own hand and invented the Snooze Shade.

    4. Bare Baby Bottle

    Priska Diaz was frustrated by the constant gas that supplementing with formula seemed to be causing in her son. It took countless sleepless nights for mother and son before Priska realized, as she tells it, that "my breasts don't have air vents, why should baby bottles?" That's when she created Bare, a ventless baby bottle that dispenses air-free milk and formula.

    5. Bum Genius Diapers

    When new parents Jennifer Labit and her husband Jimmy found themselves newly unemployed, they began using cloth diapers to save money. Today, in addition to running her successful retail business Cotton Babies, Jenn has transformed cloth diapers from bulky and pinned-on to streamlined and simple.

    6. PooPoose

    When her wiggly six-month-old daughter began trying to escape during diaper changes, Dentist Dana Fort saw a solution in the papoose board -- a medial device the dental industry had been using for years. Enter the PooPoose -- designed to mimic it's adult-sized predecessor, the diaper pad with attached cozy harness keeps kiddos from rolling off the changing table.

    7. Good Night Lite

    Adam Nelson just wanted his kid to stay in bed a little longer so he and his wife could get more sleep. He made that dream a reality for himself and thousands of other parents when he invented the Good Night Light -- a behavior modification tool which changes from a moon to a sun to let young children know when it's okay to get out of bed to start the day and when they need to try to fall back to sleep.

    8. Boogie Wipes

    Moms Mindee Doney and Julie Pickens set out on a mission to save little noses from chapping and sleeves from getting crusty. The result? Saline infused "Boogie Wipes" which leave kids' noses soft and extra clean.

    9. Snack Trap

    Sick of snack-time spills, Christine Moss developed the first Snack Trap prototype with heavy vinyl, a plastic container, and a glue gun. After a successful test-run at a preschool, Moss launched her now wildly-successful company out of her garage.

    10. Psi Bands

    Romy Taormina was pregnant and suffering from morning sickness that wouldn't quit when she came up with the idea for Psi Bands -- adjustable wristbands that help reduce nausea and motion sickness by pressing down on accupressure points.

    11. The Boon Gnaw

    Originally called Handy Bites and recently acquired exclusively by Boon, The Boon Gnaw was invented by a dad named Tim McManus when he clipped a Chinese finger trap to his daughter's shirt to prevent her from dropping snacks as she ate.

    12. Paci Plushies

    Stacy Dallman gave parents everywhere a reason to rejoice when she solved her baby's pacifier-dropping problem by inventing Plushies, stuffed animals that attach to your little one's binky and keep it from falling out and getting lost.

    13. MD Moms Sunscreen Towelettes

    Diane Troung and JJ Levenstein were both moms and pediatricians who noticed a gap in the baby skin care market. They not only developed a safe, gentle line of products for babies, but they also invented a new way to apply sunscreen to young children -- a mess free towelette safe for even young infants.

    14. Baby Covee

    Alma Moussa lost her baby's blanket to a gust of wind and a rainstorm leaving her little guy exposed to the elements. Frustrated, Moussa began with the simple idea of a blanket that would attach to the stroller or car seat and ended up with an award-winning, top selling, multi-use baby blanket extraordinaire.

    15. TP Saver

    Tamara Monosoff was a mom working in the Clinton Administration when it hit her how to keep her kids from unraveling the toilet paper roll. Hitting 2 million dollars in sales after just two years of business, Monosoff has gone on to invent tons of other products and found a forum for other mom inventors.

    16. Patemm Pad

    After two kids, Grace Welch found diaper bags unnecessary and overwhelming. Looking only to carry a few diapers and wipes with a pad she could toss in her regular purse or the base of her stroller, Welch created the spacious and convenient 28 inch round Patemm Pad, named for her kids, Patrick and Emma.

    17. Tinkle Targets

    Ann Neale knew there had to be a way to help guide her son', streams to the toilet bowl and off the floor. The answer came to her in the form of Tinkle Targets, fun, waterproof designs that you place inside your toilet to help keep your little one's eyes on the prize.

    18. Sure Shop

    Sonjie Feliciano Solomon had watched her stroller topple over under the weight of baggage one too many times when she had the idea of the Sure Shop. The bag attaches to the handlebar and side of your stroller keeping the center of gravity, well...centered.

    19. Snugli

    While in Togo, West Africa working with the Peace Corps, Ann Moore was struck by how relaxed the local babies were, worn on the backs of their mothers and carried everywhere she went. When her own children were born, she teamed up with her own mother and developed the Snugli, patenting the original design in 1969.