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11 Times Kim Kardashian Was Actually Really Relatable As A Mom

Being Kim doesn't keep you from getting puked on.

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2. This frantic look when North had a front row meltdown.


You're lying if you say you've never taken your kid somewhere ill-advised.

(Shout out to Beyoncè, taking on the role of so-glad-that's-not-me mom.)

5. When she disrupts her otherwise well-honed Instagram aesthetic with cuteness she just can't resist.

6. When she immediately shuts down mom-shamers.

There had been accusations that she was making North wear a corset. 🙄

7. When she cropped North out of her Instagram because her eyes were closed.

Instagram: @kimkardashian

Okay, maybe we don't all crop, but I've certainly done a photoshop head-swap on a good photo of myself/bad photo of my kid.

8. Her daughter steals her shoes.

9. When she HAD to share her baby's infectious laugh.

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