"The Batman" Star Zoë Kravitz Did A Lot Of Stunts In The Film, But She Said The Hardest Things To Shoot Were With The Actual Cats


    The concept of celebrities performing wild tasks or taking their method acting to the extreme to prepare for a role is nothing new.

    But that doesn't make the stories any less interesting! So, when Zoë Kravitz explained the way she learned to channel her inner Catwoman/Selina Kyle character in The Batman, I was intrigued.

    During a recent interview with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Zoë revealed she studied cats very closely, even going as far as drinking like one.

    While imagining what he would do if he was cast as Catwoman, Jimmy said he'd study cats and drink milk out of a bowl — to which Zoë replied, "I did that. I'm method, dude. I hung out with cats a lot."

    The 33-year-old actor also admitted that she was inspired by the subtle intimidation and fear cats are able to instill in people.

    "I watched a bunch of cat videos, feline videos, watching them fight. And what I was so interested by was the fact that you can't read their face at all."

    "Which is why I think people are kind of creeped out by them. You can't tell what they're going to do."

    Zoë Kravitz and Jimmy Fallon talking

    Because the animals can be so unpredictable, it wasn't too surprising when Zoë revealed they had a tough time filming the cats used in the movie.

    "They were the hardest thing to control during the shooting. We were doing crazy stunts, and like, all that was fine, but getting a cat to stay in one place — impossible!"

    The producers were adamant about Zoë getting to know the cats on set, so they would even schedule "cat time" during her filming, where they'd put her in a room with a ton of cats.

    "I was just sitting there and the cats would walk away," Zoë joked. "It did nothing."

    Well, reviews for The Batman have already poured in, and even though Zoë feels like she didn't bond with the cats, fans think she completely nailed the role!

    And if you want to learn more about Zoë as Catwoman — including auditioning with Rob Pattinson in the Batman costume and sweatpants — watch her full Tonight Show interview below:

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    Be sure to check out The Batman in theaters on March 4.