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27 People On Twitter Who Didn't Hold Back Their Feelings About Jonah Hill And Lauren London's New Rom-Com "You People"

"It was a beautiful film that tackled so many aspects — identity, culture, race, and yes relationships."

Netflix released a new celebrity-filled rom-com called You People, and it has the internet talking!

A promo poster for 'You People' that shows Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill looking at each other while sitting on a couch in a barber shop. Eddie is wearing shades

You People was directed by Kenya Barris — who brought you titles like Black-ish, Grown-ish, and Entergalactic — and was cowritten by the costar of the film, Jonah Hill.

A close-up of Kenya Barris smiling widely at an event for 'You People'. He is wearing a suit and a chain

The movie takes a comedic look at interracial relationships and the cultural differences that are highlighted and sometimes ignored within them. At the center is the relationship between Jonah Hill and Lauren London.

Jonah and Lauren talking to each other while walking down the sidewalk. Jonah is wearing a tye-dye hoodie and matching sweatpants. Lauren is wearing a jumpsuit

Everything seemed to be falling into place with them until they introduced each other to their families — Jonah with his Jewish family and Lauren with her Black Muslim family.

David Duchovny, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Eddie Murphy, and Nia Long played their respective parents and helped add to the chaos.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to share their opinions, and they didn't hold back. From the language and colloquialisms used to the cast and outfit choices, here's what people had to say:


Lauren London’s character schooling Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character about tokenism & liberal racism is 🔥. #YouPeople

Netflix / Twitter: @nancywyuen


I loved Jonah Hill & Lauren London in “You People.” It was a beautiful film that tackled so many aspects - identity, culture, race, and yes relationships. 10/10 would recommend.

Netflix . Twitter: @gerald_joseph90


This bit from 'You People' on Netflix is incredible. "What's the name of this song?" 💀😭

Netflix / Twitter: @joshnsanchez


Yall I’m watching YOU PEOPLE on Netflix absolutely screaming 😂😂😂 funny af

Twitter: @IamKatHarris


I made it through maybe 15 minutes of You People before I turned it off and switched to Entergalactic. I’m very proud of this decision.

Netflix / Twitter: @FilmFatale_NYC


Fox Mulder is UNHINGED! I'm screaming!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I ❤️#DavidDuchovny #youpeoplenetflix #YouPeople

Netflix / Twitter: @GrouchyB4Coffee


Black women in entertainment, especially music, are overly sexualize, it’s exhausting! I love that in #youpeople Jonah Hill's character had a genuine love for a Black women that was not in a fetishized overly sexual way - he genuinely loved her style, her hair, her fierceness!❤️

Twitter: @DevitaDavison


Amira and Ezra 💕💕 that's the tweet #YouPeople #YouPeopleNetflix

Netflix / Twitter: @shemjay93


When 👏🏽I 👏🏽say👏🏽every 👏🏽look👏🏽ate #YouPeople #youpeoplenetflix

Netflix / Twitter: @nancyuche_


We need a part 2 of You People where Ezra and Amira have kids and Akbar and Shelley try to teach them Black and Jewish heritage. It can end with a Chrismahanukwanzakah celebration #youpeoplenetflix

NBC / Twitter: @gennatay


Perfection is them playing Nipsey right after introducing Lauren’s character. #YouPeople

Twitter: @loveTyAlexander


I was gonna tweet a whole in depth review of #YouPeople. But all I wanna say is I enjoyed it, it’s cute cozy and funny — and to remind y’all to sometimes enjoy art for what ever level it’s on, it’s allowed to be just that

Twitter: @Ayem0


Nah, Eddie Murphy’s entrance/first scene in #YouPeopleNetflix is funny AF 😭😭 Just old, Black, over it, and mad that people hair ain’t nappy no more. 😂😩 (+ the sweatshirt + James Brown = 🤌🏾✨)

Netflix / Twitter: @sincerely_iyana


I laughed A LOT watching #YouPeople Ultimately, that’s what I set out to do🤷🏾‍♂️ so job well done. Also, the casting dept deserves so much credit because the heavy hitters were insane! And Kenya should be acknowledged as director for pulling out some brilliant performances.

Twitter: @kendalljamaal


ALSO the writing in #YouPeople was no cheesier than any other rom com in 2010. I actually missed this genre of films [about nothing] It’s okay to just laugh and watch characters fall in love in 6 months sometimes. Every movie doesn’t need to be rEalisTic PLS!!

Twitter: @alexissTyler


Unpopular opinion: “You People” was mediocre and predictable. I love Love LOVE Lauren London but it’s a reason why that movie was straight to Netflix

ABC / Twitter: @Ryshelledeante


Save yourself 2 hours, #YouPeople recycles tropes, reaches for laughs uses old stereotypes, and has the most unbelievable, 0 chemistry love story of all time. Though Eddie Murphy is a standout & Mike Epps was a welcomed surprise, even they couldn't save that film.

Twitter: @AmeshiaCross


Um Lauren London got them playing Nip in “You People” and showing Slauson Av. That’s deeeeep love. 😭😭😭 Baby girl told us we gone see Nip every time she steps and she is sure keeping her word. TMC 🏁🏁

Twitter: @Ibbzz_IA


I watched “you people” on Netflix and it clearly shows how parents from both parties can be a problem in a relationship but nobody ready for that conversation, also, the uncomfortable moments are real and some times just require a real conversation on both sides

Twitter: @Turbayveronica


Julia Louis Dreyfus and Eddie Murphy = perfect comedic timing Lauren London and Jonah Hill surprisingly had really good chemistry Also I got the vibe that Jonah Hill was just playing himself #YouPeople

Twitter: @azizalake


#YouPeople is funny. Lauren London & Jonah Hill work really well together. I think this would be great as a limited series tv show. The parents backstory & the siblings too. I’m surprised I like it. Amazing cast!! Definitely should be a show on Netflix.

Twitter: @cpettway79


Watching “You People” and I’ve never experienced this level of secondhand embarrassment before in my life 😂😂

Twitter: @kNo_Mercy


I thought #YouPeople was a cute RomCom and my only issue with it is that they got the Muslim stuff all wrong. I don’t like that they put a lot of false information out like that because it can be confusing to the people who don’t know any better.

Twitter: @chaun619


@Mr_Hoova Which was the 2005 version of this.

Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection, Columbia Pictures/Alamy / Twitter: @JeffWilliamsiv


Leave it to Kenya Barris to fumble such a good cast... #YouPeople felt so lazy, so predictable, and I almost want to say so dated.

Twitter: @harlantm


You People by Kenya Barris has taken up half the racial discourse quota for Q1 2023. They hammered on it so much in the film you could eek the story out. #YouPeople #kenyabarris.

Twitter: @sszonke


At first I was confused by the Lauren London & Jonah Hill pairing. But they made a very cute pair in the movie. HOWEVER I wanted moreeeee of them being cute. I def would’ve watched just them being cute lil hypebeasts in love. A very LA couple. #YouPeople

Twitter: @heydawniemarie

Have you watched You People yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

You People is currently streaming on Netflix.