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    People Are Sharing The Most Uncomfortable Thing Their Partner Asked Them To Do During Sex, And Wow, Dirty Talk Sure Has Changed

    What happens in the dark, always comes to light.

    Reddit user u/DetroitSteve999 recently asked, "What’s the most uncomfortable thing your significant other asked you to do during sex?" And all I can say is, who am I to judge?

    Please be advised that some submissions have been edited due to length and/or clarity.

    All acts mentioned in these submissions were consensual.

    1. "'Call me Amanda.' Her name was not Amanda. Her mother's was." —u/FanaticDamen

    2. "SQUEEZE his balls, like as hard as I could. It was going against everything I’ve ever been told about balls." —u/Grapegoop

    3. "While going down on a guy he asked if he could come in my eyes. Not my face, but my open eyes! He said it was because he was turned on by my beautiful eyes. I very firmly declined." —u/UnicornQueefsGlitter

    4. "Mostly the bondage and spanking stuff. One time, her golden retriever was in the room, saw me spanking her, ran over, and jumped on the bed. She laid her head over my girlfriend's ass to protect her, and stared up at me." —u/SporkOfThor

    5. "He wanted to fuck my feet, which, okay…that’s fine. But it started to tickle and I couldn’t stop laughing, which in turn ignited his 'I want girls to laugh at and make fun of my dick' fetish. That led to him cheating on me with sex workers that he paid to berate him. I was so mad, because he easily could have paid me to do that, but noOOoOo it had to be strangers doing it." —u/gonzothegreatz

    6. "A girl asked me to shove ice cubes up her ass." —u/Eugenics4Manlets

    7. "A girl wanted me to bite her. It doesn't sound too weird, but this chick wanted me to chomp down as hard as I fucking could until there was blood. The whole time she laughed her ass off like I was tickling her. I hated it." —u/johndeer89

    8. "I once had a guy tell me to shut up and stop trying to help when he was eating me out because 'this isn’t about you.' Who the fuck is it about then?" —u/meagaletr

    9. "While in the Air Force, my buddy who had just come back from a tour overseas used to have his Korean wife run on the treadmill for at least 1/2 hour before he ate her out…" —u/fitoman5000

    10. "A guy from Dubai asked me to bite his testicle until the scrotum bled a little. He jizzed in my hair as soon as I broke the skin." —u/VirtualTHOT420

    11. "I had a guy ask me to role play 'brother-sister' while he was already inside me…." —u/gin_illin

    12. "I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of getting down and she said, 'Just piss on me.'" —u/Cheezwizjesus

    13. "Have sex to the Americas Funniest Home Videos theme song." —u/hanginwithmrpooper

    14. "Had a dude just stick his bare ass in my face and said, 'Eat.' I was immediately turned off by the way he spoke to me and the fact that he did that. I just stood up and left." —u/chafingbuttcheex

    15. "A girl who had always been shy and polite in those moments (never even heard her swear before) once shouted something like, 'Spit in my mouth like the whore I am.' I didn't expect it. Never happened again." —u/MercilessIdiot

    16. "My ex had a poop fetish and wanted me to deficate on her lap. It wasn't actually during sex but she was really turned on by it. I wasn't able to do it because I'm used to, you know, pooping on a toilet, not someone's lap." —u/Goldmember10122

    17. "Me: Are you crying? Her: Ya, don't stop." —u/Intelligent-Lie-7407

    Has your significant other asked you something uncomfortable during sex? Tell me about in the comments below!