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    Leave It To Tyler, The Creator And Bill Nye To Make Science Literally Sound Cool

    Bill, Bill Bill, Bill!

    This might sound like the most random combination ever, but it's also one of the greatest!

    If you grew up in the '90s, then you know just how important Bill Nye the Science Guy is to television.

    His wacky experiments never disappointed and the show's theme song was catchy AF.

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    Well, he's returning to Netflix with a new special called Bill Nye Saves the World and he called on Tyler, the Creator to help him finesse the theme song.

    The rapper grew up on the popular series and jumped at the opportunity to put a fresh spin on a classic song for Bill's new project.

    The two also discussed how the song came about and Tyler revealed his favorite part about the original show:

    So before you hear a snippet of the song, can I get a drum roll please?

    Check out Tyler and Bill's new song below: 🚨 WARNING: this song is bound to make you bob your head or tap your feet! 🚨

    Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! @TylerTheCreator drops the beat on our theme song.

    Bill Nye Saves the World premieres on Netfliix on April 21!

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