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    Literally Just 13 Times Tracee Ellis Ross Made Me Reconsider Wearing Black Year-Round

    Smothered in color!

    When it comes to having imaginary Hollywood BFFs, Tracee Ellis Ross is definitely one of mine.

    I mean, she is the daughter of legendary singer Diana Ross, so cool had to run in her veins, right?

    But, Tracee is also admired for being unapologetically herself, which includes a hilarious sense of humor and being honest, even when it hurts.


    Don't get it twisted, the woman can rock a mean neutral too, but let's focus on colors for today.

    Here's a few times the Black-ish star made me say "YASSS" to colors:

    1. That time she was honored at the Women in Film Awards, looking like a cotton candy goddess:

    2. Or when Variety recognized her as a 2017 Emmy Comedy Contender and made me fall in love with coral all over again:

    3. And who could forget the bold statement Tracee made at this year's amFAR Gala:

    4. Then she made this political statement while remaining powerful in pink:

    5. And satisfied our pink taste buds a little more with this number:

    6. Tracee served color-block realness with this dress:

    7. And then there was the time she caused monochrome mayhem rocking peach from head-to-toe:

    8. And then when she decided to leave the typical black athleisure wear for the amateurs and spice things up:

    9. Remember when she was feeling a little blue?

    10. Or when she was anything but mellow in yellow spending quality time with family:

    11. And then there was the time I was nearly blinded by beauty:

    12. Let's not forget when Tracee left a taste of lime on everyone's mouths and minds:

    13. And lastly, when she discovered what was over the rainbow:

    So, if you're worried about reinventing your summer wardrobe, take a style tip from Tracee and add some color.