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What's The Wildest Or Weirdest Thing That Happened To You On Spring Break?

Share your stories here.

Spring Break: a time where students get to forget about their school work for a week or two, to focus on the three Fs (friends, family, and fun).

But sometimes Spring Break plans can get a little out of hand, which is why we want to hear all about your wildest and most cringe-worthy stories.

Maybe you partied a little too hard at a club and accidentally threw up all over the crowded dance floor, which caused several people to slip.

Perhaps you saw a dog entered in a twerk contest.

Perhaps you passed out after having sex on the beach and woke up with a serious sunburn.

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it! Tell us all about your memorable Spring Break experience and it could be chosen for a future BuzzFeed post or video.