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Singer-Songwriter Teddy Geiger Announced "I Am Transitioning" In An Emotional Instagram Post

"This is who I have been for a looooong time," the singer-songwriter said on Instagram.

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Geiger serenaded fans around the world with the hit single "For You I Will" and made fans fall in love just by looking into those eyes.

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The 29-year-old artist has also written three platinum-selling tracks for Shawn Mendes. So, Geiger's definitely been keeping busy.

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But the singer-songwriter decided to open up about more than music, after recent pictures prompted questions from fans.

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After posting this picture, a fan politely asked a question about Geiger's noticeable change in appearance.

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That's when the New York native decided to get candid with fans and reveal they're transitioning.

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Since making the announcement, Teddy has received an outpouring of love and positive feedback.

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And after soaking up all that love, Geiger shared a selfie from bed, looking blissful and cuter than ever!

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A gender-specific pronoun was inadvertently used in a previous version of this post and has been replaced. Thank you to the readers for pointing it out.


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