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    I Literally Can’t Stop Yelling About Last Night’s “Snowfall,” So Here’s Everything That Went Down


    WILL WE EVER KNOW PEACE? That's what I've found myself saying after every Snowfall episode this season, and last night's was no different!


    Here's a quick rundown of what happened in Season 4, Episode 4 — "Expansion":

    🚨SPOILERS AHEAD🚨If you haven't watched it yet, you might not want to keep scrolling.

    You'd think that Wanda, after pulling her OWN TOOTH out of her mouth, would think twice about getting high, but no. Instead, she tried to sell that nasty tooth for some more crack!


    She tried selling it to Leon, but he just gave her money in order to save her the embarrassment.

    As Leon and his crew were ordering food, Skully and his crew rolled up on them and opened fire. Wanda saw them as they were approaching and warned Leon. Unfortunately, she was caught in the crossfire.

    Wanda lying in the street after being shot in "Snowfall"

    Y'all know Leon has a huge soft spot for Wanda, and a part of me thinks he feels responsible for her addiction...which isn't too far from the truth. The drive-by shooting that put Wanda in the ER was a direct response to Franklin's failed attempt to set up Skully.

    Next, we see Franklin getting busy with his ex-girlfriend Tanosse, whom I don't trust AT ALL. While they're being...intimate, they're alerted about what just went down with Leon and Skully.


    Later on in the episode, we find out that Tanosse applied for a job at Franklin's club too. As soon as I heard that, I yelled out, "SHE'S AN OPP!" Something just doesn't seem right about her.

    Realizing that he can't depend on Franklin at the moment, Leon decides to take matters into his own hands by hiring a private investigator to track down Skully. He's out for revenge and looking to do whatever it takes to get it.

    Skully eating lunch with the Bloods in "Snowfall"

    Meanwhile, Cissy had to have a talk with Franklin because she doesn't like where things are heading with the real estate business. Franklin has become too power hungry, and it seems to be obvious to everyone but Franklin.

    Cissy and Franklin talking in "Snowfall"

    I don't blame Cissy. Franklin is straying further and further away from the promises he made her. Franklin even tried to bring up expanding the drug business to another state, but even Unc was tired of hearing about it. The only one who was interested was Louie.

    We made it through the majority of the episode without seeing nosy Irene, but she popped up at Alton's shelter again. He quickly shut her down when she came looking for more information.

    Alton talking to Irene in "Snowfall"

    Later in the episode, Irene received a visit from DEA agent Tony Marino, who gave her information about how Reed and the CIA are supporting Franklin.

    But she wasn't the only one getting shut down! Franklin's bodyguard, Lurp, let Franklin know that he didn't want to work for Franklin anymore.

    Lurp in "Snowfall"

    Lurp may have served in the military, but he said he didn't sign up to see his own people killing each other, and that's one of the realest things anyone said the entire episode.

    The episode ends with Leon and his crew staking out Skully's neighborhood. In a wild turn of events, Skully's crew (sans Skully) pulls up right beside Leon's car, which leads to a bloody shootout...

    A shootout in "Snowfall"

    Little did he know, there was an innocent woman and child in the car — that woman just so happened to be Manboy's sister, who's also Skully's baby mama. The little girl was Skully's daughter and Manboy's niece. Leon just became Skully's AND Manboy's number one target!


    Why the Bloods would shoot first, knowing there was a child in the car, is beyond me, but I know that this child's death is going to weigh heavily on Leon's heart for the rest of his life. Each day he realizes more and more just how much destruction these drugs bring to the community.

    Here's what people are saying about it:


    Franklin’s girl getting a job at the club is a prime example of shitting where you sleep #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @LadyTheeBAP


    Wanda when she saw Skully bend that corner #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @BPayton216


    The ending of snowfall literally got me like #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @Artaz__



    Twitter: @brownsugalesbo


    I was like “look at Leon puttin in wor.........” #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @RoyyMacc


    They knew they had a child in the car.. and thought starting a drive by was a good idea??? #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @TheJessieWoo


    How Franklin was lookin at mans when he quit on him. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @TheVegasHorn


    Jerome- “I just want this war to end to that I can go back to working at my store” Franklin-.............. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @Krakoan4Life


    how franklin was listening to his bodyguard quit for a very good & understanding reason.. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @rayvizzle


    The writing on #SnowfallFX is something else. This is all time great show

    Twitter: @preztaughtyou


    Nah why #SnowfallFX got me stressed rn. Raising my pressure before bed.

    Twitter: @ItsNiaMya


    This going to be Franklin at Leon funeral even though he’s the reason he got killed #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @Krakoan4Life


    The detective when he thought Skully crew caught him creeping #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @miamor_tiaa


    I don’t trust her one bit ... she suddenly want to work at the club #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @xoxobeingme



    Snowfall prediction I think franklins new girl T “Tanosse” her mama is gonna end up being Irene the investigative reporter. For many reasons, If you know you know #snowfall #snowfallfx #Snowfall

    Twitter: @CarolinaPlug336


    Y’all ready to admit that #SnowfallFX is the best show on tv or nah?! The writing...the acting—Top tier👌🏾

    Twitter: @OriginalFox_

    Whew, this was an extremely hard episode to process, and based on next week's sneak peek, that one will be too.

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