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    14 "Snowfall" Twitter Reactions That Hilariously Sum Up What Happened This Week

    "All the way down."

    Welcome back! If you need a refresher on what happened during last week's Snowfall before we get into Season 4, Episode 3, "All the Way Down," click here.

    OK, let's get started:

    Franklin confronted officer Nixon after he threatened Franklin's dad for supposedly setting him up. Franklin quickly set Nix straight, telling him that he needs to continue doing his job for the original rate that they discussed.

    Frankling meeting with officer Nixon in "Snowfall"
    FX / Hulu

    Franklin might have actually let him slide if he didn't threaten his family, but now Nix will always have a target on his back.

    Well, officer Nixon didn't take that news well. Franklin's mom, Cissy, was taken into custody, but instead of going to jail, officer Nixon drove her to a cemetery to see officer Andre Wright's gravestone. He then throws her up against a tree, while telling her that Franklin killed Andre.

    Cissy with officer Nixon in "Snowfall"

    Whew, I really thought this scene was going to go in a more sinister direction, but I'm so glad it didn't. This could have gone wrong in so many ways.

    But that wasn't the only business Franklin needed to handle. After teaming up with his mom to get their real estate pursuit going, Franklin stopped by Mrs. Mosley's to con them into selling their family-owned bookstore.

    Franklin meeting with the Mosleys in "Snowfall"

    Ultimately, Franklin ended up selling their business to Paul Davidson. The Mosleys were left feeling disappointed, upset, and betrayed. He offered them a bigger store, just a mile away, but they weren't having it.

    Mosleys in "Snowfall"

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the way Franklin's been moving? If he loses the trust and loyalty within his community, he's going to end up with nothing.

    Meanwhile, Leon and his crew are trying to figure out ways to keep money coming in without Franklin's supplier. While doing so, he ran into his old love Wanda, who's still hooked on the rock. Leon was finally able to see just how badly the drug is hurting his community.


    Leon still has so much love for Wanda and it breaks his heart, and mine, to see her like that.

    And Wanda also has a revelation after she lost a tooth while smoking crack. She could barely recognize herself when she looked in the mirror.

    Wanda's mouth is bleeding in a scene from "Snowfall"

    But I'm really hoping this is the wake-up call she needs to kick this bad habit. Like damn, Mel couldn't help her find Jesus too?

    Then, if you remember, Gustavo is out for blood after he found his family members slain as a result of him and Teddy refusing to pay the new sheriff $100k. Teddy later reveals that he's actually in the CIA. Gustavo agrees to only continue to work with them if he can get revenge on his family's killers.

    Gustavo and Teddy from "Snowfall"

    And when it comes to Oso, there's two things you don't mess with, his family and Lucia. So, to maintain his trust, Teddy went on a killing spree with Oso, making sure to carve $100k in one of his victim's foreheads to really get the message across.


    Gustavo is consistent and I love that about him. He keeps to himself and doesn't bother anyone, but if you cross him, he'll cross you 10x harder.

    Finally, the episode ends with Irene getting closer and closer to uncovering the truth behind the drug epidemic and violence happening in her community.

    Irene getting information in "Snowfall"

    Irene is nosey, but she's doing what needs to be done. Unfortunately, something tells me she's bitten off more than she can chew. The deeper she gets into it, the more danger she'll be in.

    Another great episode in the books — here's what everyone else had to say about it:


    Franklin: Yes we are gonna save your book store from the city #Snowfallfx

    Twitter: @Nattayyyy


    #SnowfallFX Teddy: We’ll handle this, but not this way. Gustavo:

    Twitter: @thenotoryousone


    Twitter: @FRVRKent


    Everybody always blaming Franklin when Ronald Reagan is right there! #Snowfallfx

    Twitter: @ah_vahn_tay


    me starting to see exactly why mel shot franklin #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @rainbr0jesus


    That white man took Cissy!? We ride at DAWN! #Snowfallfx

    Twitter: @sensaational_


    I love watching Oso do Oso things. 😌 #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @brownsugalesbo



    Twitter: @rainbr0jesus


    Leon still got love for Wanda...all she gotta say is 'Hey Lee' and he forget for a sec she's a crackhead. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @theteaisbyme


    No cause for a CIA undercover agent Teddy sure love telling everybody he’s CIA how that work? #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @sensaational_


    Franklin: stay away from my family. Office Nix: #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @Dashawnnnn_


    all oso ever did was wrestle and love lucia i promise my boy don't bother nobody‼️#SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @rainbr0jesus


    If Franklin keep ruining all the relationships he has in the community, who’s going to even trust him 😂 #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @lifewithkeerose


    Franklin has become a politician. Smile to your face, stab you in the back. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @mike_h1990

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