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    Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Are Worried About Their Parents Meeting Because Of Their Political Views

    "I’m just sure someone’s going to get into a fight about something."

    Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and The Bachelorette's Wells Adams started dating in fall 2017...

    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    ...and they've been having some fun adventures ever since. From unforgettable BAEcations... hilarious holiday traditions, these two can't get enough of each other.

    But despite moving in together and being proud parents to some cool pups, there's still one thing these two haven't done: allowed their parents to meet.


    They have a valid reason for it, though. During a recent episode of Wells' Your Favorite Thing podcast, he revealed it all comes down to politics.

    "My parents haven’t met Sarah's parents and for good reason. They both fall on opposite sides of the political spectrum."

    "I’m just sure someone’s going to get into a fight about something."

    They don't plan to keep them away from each other forever, though. Sarah and Wells intend to save that special meeting for their wedding day (and no, they're not engaged yet).

    “They are going to hang out one time and it’s going to be at the wedding and the directive is NO ONE is allowed to talk about politics.”

    “It will be liberal actors, and my dad and my family who are a bunch of conservatives. My dad’s a doctor, my brother-in-law is from oil money in Texas. It’s going to be so weird."

    But don't worry, their parents won't be entering the wedding completely blindsided. Sarah's parents have met Wells.

    And Wells' parents have met Sarah. Both occasions were filled with smiles.

    Let's just hope their parents keep that same energy when the wedding day rolls around.