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    Posted on Apr 27, 2017

    Robert De Niro Just Broke His Snapchat Cherry And We Couldn't Be Prouder

    We all had to start somewhere...

    Before Snapchat creeped into our lives and completely took over, we were all complete newbies to the app.

    Which is why watching Robert De Niro get schooled on how to use Snapchat totally brings back memories.

    Tribeca Film Festival

    Because come on, getting that dog tongue to come out at the perfect time takes practice, am I right?

    NBC / Via

    Tribeca Film Festival called on filmmaker Alex Berry, a finalist in Tribeca Snapchat Shorts, to show Bob (aka the festival's co-founder) the ropes.

    First, he explained the app's purpose and the excitement behind how quickly the videos and pictures disappear.

    Tribeca Film Festival

    Then he introduced him to the wonderful world of filters! He started with the basic dog filter...

    Tribeca Film Festival

    ...moved on to those addicting voice-changing filters...

    Tribeca Film Festival

    ...slayed the flower crown...

    Tribeca Film Festival

    ...and nailed the funny cow filter, while also discovering the beauty of geofilters.

    Tribeca Film Festival

    We knew Bob was cool, but not this cool:

    Tribeca Film Festival
    Tribeca Film Festival

    You caught on quick Bob and we couldn't be prouder!

    The Oscars / Via

    To watch all the fun, check out the full video below:

    View this video on YouTube

    Tribeca Film Festival / Via

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