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    Nick Jonas Surprising Strangers With A Staring Contest Is The Only Thing You'll Need To Watch Today

    Does he have what it takes?

    We're back with another round of Surprise Staring Contest, where a mystery celebrity battles it out with BuzzFeed employees for the title of Staring Contest Champion!

    After Ice Cube's successful attempt, Nick Jonas was the next celebrity to accept our challenge.

    If you aren't familiar with how we play, here's a quick breakdown of the rules:

    • Don't blink
    • Trash talk is allowed
    • Don't blink

    Oh, and the best part about the game: NONE of the BuzzFeed employees know which celebrity they'll be competing against.

    So, expect to see a lot of this...

    ...and even more of this!

    But hey, I'm just the messenger — see for yourself.

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    Thanks for playing, Nick!