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    "The Stranger" On Netflix Is So Twisted That People Are Forgetting To Breathe When They Watch It

    Ready. Set. Binge!

    🚨WARNING: Spoilers ahead!🚨

    Netflix just released a new addictive series called The Stranger, and I can't stop talking about it.


    It's a suspenseful British miniseries based on a novel of the same name by Harlan Coben. Not only is he my favorite thriller author, but he also gave us Netflix gems like The Five and Safe, so I knew the show wouldn't disappoint.

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    It follows a woman, dubbed The Stranger, who gets paid to mess up people lives by divulging deep-rooted — and often messy — secrets about them.


    One of her victims is Adam Price. She tells Adam that his wife, Corrine, faked her most recent pregnancy/miscarriage AND that he should look into the paternity of their two boys.


    Anywho, Corrine goes missing, Adam's life gets turned upside-down, and The Stranger continues to ruin other people's lives with more secrets. The storyline of each person she encounters is intertwined with the other characters in some way.


    Without giving too much away, viewers will immediately be drawn in by the acts of betrayal, constant family drama, drugs, sugar daddies, complex narratives, habitual liars, and the random severed alpaca head (don't ask...just watch).

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    Yep, these are the types of messy scenarios you can expect. It's filled with so many twists, you'll feel like a pretzel by the time you get to the final episode.

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    And I'm not the only one currently obsessed with The Stranger. Reactions have already made their way to the Twitterverse, and here's what people are saying:

    Me trying to explain the stranger’s plot to my friends. Trust me, this meme has never been more accurate. Watch and see, it’s on netflix

    THE STRANGER on Netflix is THE BEST series I have ever ever ever ever watched EVER! would highly recommend to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

    #TheStranger is amazing but my face has been like this for the last 8 hours

    im watching the stranger on netflix and THIS WOMAN NAMED HER ALPACAS AFTER ONE DIRECTION DHDHFJ LOUIS

    Honestly #thestrangernetflix #TheStranger is one of the best shows I’ve seen in ages! Every episode has got me like

    The stranger on Netflix is a well sick series I can’t turn it off

    I forget to breathe when I watch The Stranger

    Just finished the Stranger on Netflix. One hell of a mind f*ck. Loved seeing @jacobdudman_ on my screen again!

    people on Netflix shows put on a cap and think they are invisible #TheStranger

    I'm done. I really hadn't planned this. But I couldn't stop. #TheStranger was bloody awesome. Those cliffhangers were lethal.

    #TheStranger is every bit as gripping as advertised. Great cast & I care about every single character. Haven’t been this excited about a new show in a long time. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #RichardArmitage is brilliant. I know I say let him play happy, but then he does anguish sooo well.

    Aaaaa I just finished watching #theStranger what the fuck what the fuck I feel SICK what the FUCK mate what the FUCK

    Just finished bingeing #TheStranger for the second time and I have to say I'm more knocked out today. You get so invested. Watching Richard take Adam Price from the perceived perfect husband, father, lawyer to a man gut punched with betrayal and loss was mesmerizing.

    I want to watch all the family funny video in Adam Price's laptop! #TheStranger

    It's actually quite a shame the BBC didn't get #TheStranger before Netflix. It's got that Line Of Duty, Bodyguard, twisty vibe that would've had everyone talking and on the edge of their seats for two months. On the plus side, watching it all in a day was a RIDE.

    Stop whatever you’re doing & watch #TheStranger IMMEDIATELY! Totally gripppng edge of your seat drama, brilliant writing, fantastic cast & don’t get me started on the house envy I now have, loved it!

    #TheStranger on Netflix... big recommendation. Lies, blackmail, drugs and an 🦙

    #TheStranger made me feel alive. Laughing. Crying. Getting angry. I once read that #RichardArmitage has the charisma that arouses our maternal love and I agree. My heart beat so fast, my heart was broken. my heart almost stopped for #AdamPrice.

    I did not just start The Stranger to hear Richard Armitage sing in the first actual scene. It's barely two minutes into the first episode and I'm already dead. #TheStranger

    Me viewing #TheStranger summed up in one gif! Christ well and truly GRIPPED whole way through!

    The Stranger is streaming now on Netflix. If you've already seen it, tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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