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    Naomi Osaka Opened Up About Her Motherhood Insecurities, And Parents Ran To Her Comments To Let Her Know She Isn't Alone

    "Randomly I wonder if I'm doing okay..."

    Naomi Osaka opened up about doubting herself as a first-time mom.

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    On Sunday, the four-time Grand Slam singles champion shared a personal reflection about life to her X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram accounts after turning 26 on Oct. 16.

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    In the candid post, Naomi admitted to having thoughts of uncertainty when it comes to the "paths" she's chosen in life. That included feeling a little insecure about motherhood.

    "Something I had to conquer recently is fighting the thought that I won't be a good mom," Naomi wrote. "So many doubts raced through my head I had to swat them away like mosquitoes."

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    Naomi welcomed her first child, a daughter named Shai, with rapper Cordae in July. She's shared pieces of her pregnancy journey with her fans, including her baby shower and a sneak peek of their "little princess."

    "Looking into Shai's eyes and holding her I always think, 'wow this little person depends on me so much, I have to do better'. It's such a strange feeling watching your kid grow, you blink and they're double the size in a few months."

    Reminding herself just how grateful she is with life has helped bring things into perspective for Naomi.

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    "Gratefulness reminds me to breathe and take in the little things (and the big ones)," she concluded. "I'm so grateful to have another year and I'm so thankful to everyone that believes in me."

    Well, after she shared those intimate thoughts, fans immediately jumped in the comments to reassure Naomi that she was not alone and that many parents have felt the same way.

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    "You are a terrific mom we all had doubts; celebrate all the hard work that has got you here; continue to believe in yourself, happy birthday"

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    "Motherhood is a beautiful journey full of life lessons and transitions"

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    "You are just voicing the inner thoughts most new moms have; you have the courage to share with others; you gonna be just fine"

    Whew, I could feel the support through the screen, and it's a beautiful thing! To learn more about Naomi, check out her full post below.