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    Miley Cyrus Just Debuted A New Song And It Might Make You Feel Things

    Literally, all the feels!

    What better way to kickoff your Memorial Day Weekend than with fresh music?

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    As part of their summer concert series, Miley Cyrus stopped by the Today show on Friday to give viewers a taste of her new sound.

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    As Miley's most recent single "Malibu" continues to climb the charts, she decided it would be the perfect time to debut another song: "Inspired."

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    She sings about making a difference in her lyrics: "We are meant for more. You're the handle on the door, that opens up the change. I know it sounds so strange."

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    "Because you always felt so small, but know you aren't at all. And I hope you feel inspired."

    "How can we escape all the fear and all the hate? Is anyone watching us out here?"

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    WARNING: this song might make you want to start recycling, check on your elderly neighbor, and just be a better person.

    Okay, enough teasing! Check out her full performance below and prepare to fall in love:

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