Marlon Wayans Has Fans Calling For His Oscar After His Surprising "Bel-Air" Performance, And 24 Other Reactions To The Finale Episode

    More Marlon, please!

    🚨SPOILERS AHEAD: If you haven't seen the Bel-Air finale, you might not want to scroll any further.🚨

    For most people, when they hear the name Marlon Wayans, they associate it with oddball comedies, funny stand-up specials, and a family full of comedians.

    Marlon posing for photographers at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

    Which is probably why so many people were surprised to see Marlon playing a serious role in the Season 1 finale of Bel-Air.

    Marlon Wayan in "Bel-Air"

    And while this isn't the actor's first time playing a dramatic role (i.e., Requiem for a Dream, On the Rocks, Respect), many viewers weren't emotionally prepared to see Marlon as ex-convict Lou, aka Will's dad.

    Marlon Wayans in "Bel-Air"

    After Will decides not to follow through with the search for his father, Lou shows up unannounced at the Bel-Air mansion. At one point, it seemed like Will and Lou were working toward a peaceful reconciliation as they discussed what little memories Will had of him...

    ...but their bonding moment went left as soon as Will's mother became the topic of discussion.

    Will and Lou getting in each other's faces

    Things got heated quick, and I immediately got chills! Both Marlon and Jabari Banks held nothing back when it came to executing this scene. The sense of anger and sadness in the room was palpable with every line they delivered.

    Will talking angrily to Lou

    And other viewers felt it too! Here's how people on Twitter reacted to Marlon's performance:


    Marlon Wayans as Will's father was so unexpected🔥 They put something in this rebooth man.....pure gold💛🤌🏽 #BelAir

    Peacock / Twitter: @abbaayytheedon


    Y’all sleep on Marlon Wayans as a dramatic actor 🤯 and Jabari killed this scene 😌

    Peacock / Twitter: @KemberlieLove


    Im loving marlon wayans in these serious roles.. first Aretha now bel air.. way to showcase a different side after all these years of comedy..

    Twitter: @Celebrilee


    Marlon Wayans acting his ass off with lil Will #BelAir

    Twitter: @trimarcel


    i never would have expected will’s father to be played by marlon wayans lol. i think he is the best actor out of the whole wayans family. i feel that he is very underutilized as a dramatic actor. the way he steps into his dramatic roles is surreal. bravo 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾#BelAir

    Peacock / Twitter: @tedd_descardes


    When I saw that Lou was Marlon Wayans #Belair

    Netflix / Twitter: @Ace_2o


    Marlon Wayans really does deserve his flowers. Cause baby got range that people don’t talk about enough because they see him as the goofy one

    Twitter: @MsBeenIt_


    Marlon Wayans in non-comedic roles. Underrated asf. #BelAir

    Twitter: @acincyfantalkin


    Marlon Wayans deserved an Oscar for his work in Requiem for a Dream. Just a reminder to everyone since @MarlonWayans is trending for his awesome performance in #BelAir

    Artisan Entertainment / Twitter: @NorthupWilma


    Omg give Marlon Wayans more SERIOUS roles he killed it👏🏾 #BelAir

    Twitter: @Ci2You


    Damn Marlon Wayans showed us that is not only a goofy stand up comedian, Damn My man Can act ! #BelAir

    NBC / Twitter: @protagoniste221


    A scene. Shoutout to Marlon Wayans. We talking range… #BelAir

    Peacock / Twitter: @KrystleDellihue


    I think it is safe to say *er’body* was shocked when Marlon Wayans showed up. (Also, that scene was so good!) #BelAir

    Twitter: @goldietaylor


    So finally people are realizing that Marlon Wayans is an incredible actor. I knew that years ago. He is one good role away from an Oscar. Always was.

    Twitter: @holybullies


    The way that things were looking I was definitely adamant that Will would play Lou in the new reboot; but hats off to Marlon Wayans though,he did a great job at playing Lou especially cause it’s very rare that you get to see Marlon in a serious light #BelAir

    Twitter: @MuyombeDroit_


    Why Marlon Wayans acting the fuck down on #BelAir

    Twitter: @phuckoffplease


    Why are people just finding out Marlon Wayans can act? He’s a GREAT dramatic actor… he just takes the easy route with comedy. Don’t sleep on that man’s dramatic chops.

    Twitter: @going__upward


    #BelAir is such a good reboot. Bringing Marlon Wayans as Will’s dad was pure gold. And Jabari is really acting his scenes to life 👏🏿

    Twitter: @marthamwatha


    I was on the Will Smith for Lou train, a long shot I know, but I would’ve never guessed Marlon Wayans lmao. He smoked that shit tho. #BelAir

    Twitter: @Jayleejnr


    Happy to see Marlon Wayans again. He's a superb, dramatic actor. Please watch Requiem For A Dream. Just once though. Seriously, I've only seen it once. Insanely depressing. Couldn't stomach it...but yeah, Marlon can act his ass off.😐😔

    Artisan Entertainment / Twitter: @ChocnessMonsta


    Marlon Wayans really showed up on #BelAir and said “lemme remind y’all that I can do drama real quick.” And what’s crazy is that his presence made EVERYBODY step their game up. Jabari Banks better get an Emmy nomination just off the finale alone!

    NBC / Twitter: @OrbinWalcott


    I haven’t even watched #BelAir I’m just happy people giving Marlon Wayans credit I love almost everything he’s in .

    Twitter: @tex_gio


    Marlon Wayans in a serious acting role is what I didn’t know I needed #BelAir

    Twitter: @tylerbriana23


    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Marlon Wayans in a non-comedic role until today… and he did not disappoint at all!! #BelAir

    Twitter: @kiarenae


    @MarlonWayans is the best at comedy, but what about this roles? He hits different! I don't have words for this man, he's absolutely amazing. The best choice I've ever made has been choose him as my favorite actor and comedian. Once again, so proud❤️ #BelAir

    Twitter: @its_nereeaa

    Well, it looks like the people have spoken! They're ready to see Marlon in more dramatic roles, and so am I!

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