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    UK Singer Mahalia Addressed Someone Body-Shaming Her Online After She Showed Part Of Her Stomach At The British Fashion Awards

    "Just figured you'd look better."

    Popular UK singer Mahalia was forced to address an internet troll who made offensive comments about her appearance.

    closeup of her

    On Tuesday, the "What You Did" singer shared some fun group photos from her time at the British Fashion Awards in London on Monday to her Instagram. The photos included her and fellow singers Ella Eyre, Grace Carter, and Olivia Dean.

    She captioned the carousel "BFA Dolls" as she posed alongside her friends wearing Karoline Vitto.

    While a ton of fans flooded her comments with statements like, "how is my entire playlist in one picture," "yes goddess," "I'm speechless. I am without speech," and "it's so refreshing to see real people and real bodies"...

    comment says yes goddess

    ...there's always someone on the internet who thrives off bringing bad vibes. An internet troll, with no pictures and no posts, told Mahalia that she needs

    Mahalia quickly responded, letting the person know her body was none of their business.

    you need to work on minding your business

    Once they saw Mahalia's reply, the troll tried to disguise their rude comment as a form of helpful advice.

    hey whatever works, just figured you'd look better and be healthier also

    Well, in the nicest way possible, Mahalia let the troll know there were better ways to communicate to people about their weight and explained how damaging comments like theirs can truly be.

    honestly this is the healthiest i've been in a realy long time, but just in future if you had a genuine repsonse to my body in regard to health or feeling sometimes a direct message is better

    Couldn't have said it better, Mahalia! Nobody has time for negativity!

    closeup of mahalia at an event