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Macaulay Culkin Had No Clue Why His Brother Was At The Golden Globes And I Can't Stop Laughing


Anyone can shower a loved one with compliments to show their support...

...but Macaulay Culkin isn't just anyone, so he showed his love in a different way: trolling.

Macaulay's younger brother Kieran Culkin was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series for his work in Succession.

And this is how he cheered him on:

First he acted like he had no idea Kieran would even be at the Golden Globes.

Then he made sure to get a really good shot of him on TV.

Macaulay was pretty impressed by how close his brother was sitting to the big celebrities.

It took him two hours, but Macaulay finally realized Kieran was at the Golden Globes for a legit reason.

But even after finding out Kieran was nominated...Macaulay still didn't have a compliment waiting for him.

Unfortunately for the Golden Globes, Macaulay decided seeing Henry Winkler (and Kieran) lose was enough for him to turn the channel.

And that my friends, concludes tonight's lesson in Twitter trolling. Good night!