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Leah Remini Opens Up About Why Elisabeth Moss Won't Speak To Her

"She believes that I’m an anti-social personality."

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You know Leah Remini, right?

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She's an actress and former Scientology member, who currently advocates against the religious practices.

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And I'm sure you also know Elisabeth Moss, no?

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She's a fellow actress widely known for her roles on Mad Men and Hulu's current hit show, The Handmaid's Tale. Elisabeth was also raised a Scientologist.

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Well, both women are nominated for Emmys this year. Leah for Outstanding Informational Series or Special for A&E’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, and Elisabeth for Drama Actress in The Handmaid’s Tale.

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But according to Leah's interview with The Hollywood Reporter, they probably won't be saying much to each other at the show.

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"Elisabeth Moss believes that she can’t talk to me. There’s a thing in Scientology called acceptable truth."

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"It means you only say what’s acceptable to the public. But she believes that I’m an antisocial personality."

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"I’ve spoken out against Scientology. So she isn’t allowed to talk to me."

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"And me knowing that, I wouldn’t put her in the awkward position.”

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But the former King of Queens star doesn't harbor any negative feelings. In fact, she said she'd congratulate Elisabeth if she won.

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"I would, of course. I don’t hold anything against Elisabeth Moss other than she’s continuing to support a group that is abusive and destroying families...that’s for her to learn — just as I needed to learn it.”

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Well, until the 2017 Emmys premiere next month (Sept. 17, to be exact), all we can do is wait and hope for the best!

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And to read more of Leah Remini's interview with The Hollywood Reporter, click here.

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