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    Keke Palmer's New Advice Series, "Dear Keke," Is Proof That Everyone Deserves A Friend Like Her In Their Group Chats

    "I wanted to create an unfiltered space for us to really talk."

    By now, you should know that when Keke Palmer puts her mind to something, she's going to do it, and she's going to do it well!

    Keke on the red carpet in a sequined outfit with spaghetti straps

    So when she announced that she was launching her very own digital platform, called KeyTV, we knew it was going to be something special. And today, she's premiering her latest series: Dear Keke.

    Keke sitting in a wicker chair while speaking on a landline phone in a screenshot from the series

    Dear Keke is an advice series that centers Palmer as the voice of reason as she answers fan-submitted questions about life, relationships, sex, careers, and more.

    Keke sitting in a large wicker chair and smiling

    The Nope star has always remained transparent with her fans — speaking honestly and vulnerably about topics that affect a lot of us, which is why most people find her relatable.

    Keke hosting SNL and showing her baby bump

    Palmer has built a sense of trust and comfortableness with her fanbase, so much so that some (including me) even consider her to be their "internet bestie" or their "best friend in their head." It's probably why the people calling in to her show don't hold back when it comes to their questions.

    Keke sitting in the wicker chair and using a corded rotary phone

    "I wanted to create an unfiltered space for us to really talk and for them to hear from me directly. We got so many messages from people asking for my help, a fun word, or advice about everything from relationships, to money and their careers, and even just caring for themselves," Palmer said in a statement.

    Keke in the chair and on the phone

    It's like your very own virtual therapy session but with a twist, because no one delivers advice quite like Keke Palmer!

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    For more of Dear Keke, tune in every Friday on YouTube or Facebook for new episodes.