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Keegan-Michael Key Had The Purest Reaction When His BFF Jordan Peele Won An Oscar

The beauty of friendship.

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Jordan Peele made history last night, as he became the first African-American to ever win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images

Jordan was awarded the Oscar for Get Out, one of the most talked about films in the last year.

When @WhoopiGoldberg won her Oscar for “Ghost” she practically reached through my TV screen and told young me to follow my dreams. I did, and it worked. Thanks Whoopi.

Twitter: @JordanPeele

And fans immediately showered him with congratulatory words and GIFs:

But one of the best reactions to Jordan's big win came from his longtime comedy partner and BFFAEAE (Best Friends Forever And Ever And Ever), Keegan-Michael Key.

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

This was Keegan-Michael's initial reaction to hearing Jordan's name being called...he literally jumped for joy.

Great moment here when Jordan Peele wins for Get Out !

Twitter: @benwinston

Then he dedicated this sweet post to him:

Congrats to my partner in laughs @JordanPeele on his first Oscar. #oscarssopeele. #VFOscars

Twitter: @KeeganMKey

Even Keegan-Michael's fiancée, Elisa Pugliese, couldn't hold back from expressing her excitement:

Love you @JordanPeele !!!!! Could not be more proud! #oscars2018 @KeeganMKey #GetOut #VanityFair

Twitter: @ElisaPugliese98

He seriously looks like a proud dad who just sent his first-born son off to college. Somebody grab the tissues, because I can't hold it together.

You can't make support like this up.

keegan-michael key’s reaction when jordan peele won the oscar for best screenplay is the cutest shit ever #oscars

Twitter: @felipevinas

Can Keegan-Michael Key be any cuter?! So congratulations, Jordan Peele. Not only can you write and direct one hell of a film, but you're also pretty great at choosing friends for life.

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