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    People Are Having Mixed Reactions After Watching John Boyega Dance At Carnival

    "I'll be throwing all the booty on him!"

    You know John Boyega, right?

    Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

    He's starred in big films like Detroit and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty Images

    Well, despite his busy work schedule, the 25-year-old actor was able to enjoy some free time at the annual Notting Hill Carnival in London earlier this week.

    @johnboyega / Via

    For those who aren't familiar, Notting Hill Carnival is one of the largest street festivals in Europe, celebrating Caribbean cultures and traditions.

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    The London native was having the time of his life, documenting his experience on his Instagram Stories.

    @johnboyega / Via Instagram: @johnboyega

    He met fans:

    And danced until his poor hips gave out:

    But not everyone was excited to see him enjoying himself so much, especially when it came to this video:

    @JohnBoyega It´s not funny. Can you imagine strong females like Padme, Leia or Rey in a similar situation? I can´t.…

    @baymaxsix / Via Twitter: @BaymaxSix

    Your boy was getting DOWN!!!

    @johnboyega / Via Instagram: @johnboyega

    To which he responded:

    Yep! Rey would back it up!!!! Wooooooiiiiiii 😂😂😂😂

    @johnboyega / Via Twitter: @JohnBoyega

    The commenter insinuated that "strong women" wouldn't dance like this and then went on to name fictional female characters like Princess Leia.

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    Well, his fans quickly shut the negativity down and urged the commenter to let John enjoy his whine in pease:

    And for anyone unfamiliar with the term, whine is a Caribbean dance where you gyrate your hips.

    @MajorChuzy / Via Twitter: @MajorChuzy
    @lizmossofficial / Via Twitter: @lizmossofficial

    And the way John handled that whine made a lot of ladies upset they missed their chance to dance with him:

    @johnboyega / Via Twitter: @JohnBoyega
    @johnboyega / Via Twitter: @JohnBoyega
    @johnboyega / Via Twitter: @JohnBoyega
    @johnboyega / Via Twitter: @JohnBoyega
    @johnboyega / Via Twitter: @JohnBoyega

    So with all the love on his timeline, it's no wonder John is so hype to return to Carnival next year.

    Alright that's me done for the day. In prep for carni next year I will prepare my own float, stunt doubles and pre-booked hip replacement.❤️

    @johnboyega / Via Twitter: @JohnBoyega