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People Are Having Mixed Reactions After Watching John Boyega Dance At Carnival

"I'll be throwing all the booty on him!"

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He met fans:

@bacchanalia_uk / Via

And danced until his poor hips gave out:

@johnboyega / Via

But not everyone was excited to see him enjoying himself so much, especially when it came to this video:

@JohnBoyega It´s not funny. Can you imagine strong females like Padme, Leia or Rey in a similar situation? I can´t.…

Your boy was getting DOWN!!!

To which he responded:

Yep! Rey would back it up!!!! Wooooooiiiiiii 😂😂😂😂


Well, his fans quickly shut the negativity down and urged the commenter to let John enjoy his whine in pease:

And for anyone unfamiliar with the term, whine is a Caribbean dance where you gyrate your hips.


So with all the love on his timeline, it's no wonder John is so hype to return to Carnival next year.

Alright that's me done for the day. In prep for carni next year I will prepare my own float, stunt doubles and pre-booked hip replacement.❤️