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    I Just Learned Some Particularly Gross Info About Joe Jonas Against My Will, And Now You Have To Too

    "I think it might’ve been a little toot."

    I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing this concert mishap story from Joe Jonas, but here we are.

    A closeup of Joe Jonas

    During a recent visit to the Will & Woody show, Joe reflected on an embarrassing moment in his career when he accidentally pooped his pants in front of a live audience — seemingly without anyone noticing.

    “I was with a few friends yesterday and we were just talking about there is a point in your life as an adult where you can remember the last time you shit your pants,” Joe told the hosts.

    Joe Jonas on stage

    He revealed the incident happened four years ago and he was able to work through the embarrassment. And to make matters worse, Joe was wearing white pants.

    "I think it might’ve been a little toot," Joe added. "Might’ve been something else, something a little extra. So it was a mid-wardrobe shit change during the set.”

    "If you go in the archives, there is a wardrobe change halfway through a show and it’s a little bit like that’s a bit interesting choice to change clothes that quickly."

    Joe admitted that was his first time telling this story publicly and that it wasn't a "full" poop, but a "light one." Joe was sure someone from the audience would notice, but luckily, it seemed like no one did.

    "It was all in my head. It wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. Such is life. It has happened to many artists."

    Joe claims he has joined an elite group of artists who have done the same, so he's happy to be among good company.

    To hear more about this story and Joe, be sure to listen to his full Will & Woody interview below:

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