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Anna Sorokin Just Put Rachel DeLoache Williams On Blast On Instagram, And The Drama's Even Juicer Than What We Saw On "Inventing Anna"

"The audacity of her!"

Just when I thought things couldn't get any wilder with the Inventing Anna/Anna "Delvey" Sorokin drama, Instagram proved me wrong!

As you know, Netflix's Inventing Anna tells the true-life story of fake German heiress and convicted con artist Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, whose schemes ultimately landed her in prison.

The real Anna standing in court

It was there — and, of course, in the original New York Magazine piece — where we were first introduced to a string of people who once called Anna a friend. In the series, she seems to have the biggest falling out with former Vanity Fair staffer Rachel DeLoache Williams.

During a recent Vanity Fair interview, Rachel called out Netflix for their portrayal of her in the limited series, as well as the way they glamorized Anna and this entire ordeal.

“I think promoting this whole narrative and celebrating a sociopathic, narcissistic, proven criminal is wrong,” said Rachel. "Having had a front-row seat to [the Anna circus] for far too long, I’ve studied the way a con works more than anybody needs to. You watch the spectacle, but you’re not paying attention to what’s being marketed.”

And now, Anna is firing back! Earlier in the week, the 31-year-old scammer took to her Instagram story to let the world know how she really feels about her former friend, Rachel, and she did not hold back.

Anna in handcuff walking in court while being escorted by two officers

Anna revealed she decided to break her silence after noticing Rachel talking about her in the press. She posted this message with Drake's "No Friends in the Industry" playing in the background to set the tone.

She claims that Rachel has been conveniently leaving information out while talking to the media, like when Rachel allegedly tried to get Anna to cowrite a book with her.

"Find yourself someone who is dedicated to you, the way Rachel is dedicated to my Twitter," Anna wrote after alleging Rachel uses Anna's tweets against her.

At this point, Anna was on a roll. She went on to call out Rachel's "flexible moral standards" and ultimately deemed her a Karen.

Anna apparently isn't buying Rachel's narrative, claiming Rachel's main motive is money.

She even brought up Rachel's book (which was also mentioned in the series), stating Rachel should have spent more time trying to get the facts right.

At this point, I'm thinking Anna got carpal tunnel or something, because she finally decided to end her rant by reminding Rachel that she wasn't found guilty of any of the charges relating to Rachel.

Whew, this line stung: "I've already accomplished more from the various jails and prisons than Rachel in her entire sheltered life of privilege."

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this drama is even close to being over.