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    18 Seriously Messed Up Ways People Ended Their Relationship

    "It was the most horrifying, mentally damaging experience of my life."

    Reddit user, Schtiven, recently asked the Reddit Community to talk about the "worst way to break up with someone" and things got real heartbreaking, REAL fast.

    Here are their stories:

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    1. The party pooper.

    "She started making out with another dude while we were at a party, all sitting on the same couch. That deflates the romance pretty quickly."


    2. The holiday surprise.

    "On Christmas Eve my ex-fiancée received all of her gifts because we wouldn’t see each other the next day, because she said she'd be 'busy.' Turns out, she had been cheating on me with another guy and she just wanted to get her gifts. After packing everything she says, 'Oh yea, we are done. I’m seeing someone else," and left. "


    3. The night crawler.

    "My fiancé of seven years (friends for 15 years, AKA half of our fucking lives) left while I was sleeping...took everything. Never told me why and it was the most horrifying, mentally damaging experience of my life. You have to really not give a fuck about someone to hurt them like that."



    4. The long-term let down.

    "I went to visit my long-term boyfriend for a 4-day weekend and he waited until the night I left to end things with me."


    5. The best friend betrayal.

    "I found out my ex and I weren't together after he posted an Instagram picture with his best friend of three years saying, 'It only took me three years to ask her out.'"


    6. The Valentine's Day gift from hell.

    "A dude sent me a screen shot of him with my girl lying on his chest on Valentine’s Day, while I was staying overnight in a hotel for work several hours away."


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    7. The parental push out.

    "My ex-girlfriend had her mom do it for her. Her parents had the locks changed on the doors of the condo I'd been sharing with her (which they owned), and her mom was waiting outside when I arrived home from work. She informed me that the relationship was over and that I should gather my things while she waited."


    8. The terrible text.

    "My boyfriend broke up with me over text, by asking me how my day was. I said, 'Fine, how was yours?' He responded with, 'Great! I had a fantastic day with my girlfriend.' I was at work all day. We'd been together for four years and had been living together for two. He'd been cheating on me and decided to leave me for his mistress."


    9. The sex setup.

    "My ex-wife made love to me, then right after while still lying in bed together, she took off her ring, gave it to me and said she wanted a divorce."


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    10. The closure copout.

    "My ex-boyfriend of six months invited me out for dinner. I arrived to find him sitting at a table with another chick. He introduces her as his girlfriend. I asked him what the fuck his deal was and he legit tells me, 'I thought this way you’d know it’s over and I could give you some closure.'”


    11. The airpot AWOL.

    "He was supposed to pick me up from the airport. Instead, he texted to let me know he wouldn’t be there and that we were I was boarding the plane."


    12. The divorce deception.

    "My now ex-husband had his divorce lawyer call me at work to say he filed papers. We had never discussed divorce and had a nice dinner the night before. I was so stunned my boss had to drive me home."



    13. The game plan.

    "This guy broke up with me over text while we were playing Hangman."


    14. The not so friendly ghost.

    "For me, it was ghosting. I wondered, cried, and pleaded via text but they never responded."


    15. The Christian crossover.

    "He told me he was straight and going to 'pursue a Christian lifestyle' in the middle of us having sex."



    16. The Snapchat shocker.

    "It happened over Snapchat while I was watching a movie with my family, and then they refused to talk to me about it in any way, shape, or form."


    17. The April fool.

    "A roommate dumped his girlfriend via text on April Fools Day. He then ignored her texts and phone calls. She went to his house and he refused to come to the door."


    18. The butt-dialing breakup.

    "He accidentally butt-dialed me while on a date with my best friend who I was helping get out of a bad relationship. They were slagging me off. We broke up when he got home and she moved in within a week so I assume they had been seeing each other for quite some time."



    Do you have horrible breakup story? Share it with us in the comments below.

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